LeBron James Needs a Time Out

- By Bossip Staff

LeBron needs to let the MVP battle go. He didn’t win it this year, Kobe did and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Stop bitchin’ and whinin’ and runnin’ all over the globe wearin’ dumb @ss t-shirts with stupid slogans like “Check My Stats” and “LBJ MVP”. Let it go. Grow up.

Pop the hood for more pics of LeBron and his shirt in St. Tropez

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  • lord7131

    He did win the MVP this year, he just didn’t make it to the finals.

  • Plastic007

    he is a sore looser this is wat many of u ahve created he thinks he’s the king ….and he just a guy that can play .. the next Jordan well we will c in time everyone is on his nutts and i think he’s a lame he’s just as bad as kobe ego maniac

  • mizztee

    Kobe the NBA finals MVP and champion! LB is the league MVP–regular season. There is a big difference Lebron!

  • Virgo911

    Thank you TNF…LMAO at posting a story without checking the facts.

  • cookielp

    Y’all know Kobe used to ride that bench when he started back in the day, Lebron didn’t have a chance because he has the whole team riding on him… Oh yea, Shaq got his own championship ring without Kobe his 1st year with the Heat. Look at how long it took Kobe… Put Lebron and Iverson on the same team…

  • anon09

    When you’re a great athlete, you don’t need to remind anyone to “check your stats” or that you are the MVP. Michael Jordan never did that. Tiger doesn’t do it. Lebron is very talented. He just needs to show and prove and shut up and keep it moving. Everybody recognizes his talent. These young cats need a lesson in humility.

  • gina

    well, which one is better, the league MVP or the finals MVP?

  • gina

    i don’t know anything about basketball, so i would like to know.

  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***

    @ Cookie, ? what are you trying to say LEbron didnt just get in the game he’s had time. If you are trying to day Lebron is the better player you like most people are building a weak case. Look at it from Kobe’s propective: know one can tell me your better that me without a ring reguardless of who’s on your team, hell Jordan had 4 exceptional players on his team to help him. So to all forget STATS it looks good on paper but dosn’t give you a Championship RING Kobe is KING until Lebron gets a RING….

  • beebee

    As you can see the regular season means ish….if I go back and check your stats I see that you haven’t won a ring yet hun…so don’t go reminding people to check your record….your team was sat down by the Magic…..gtfoh!!!! Your a good player, lets leave it at that okay…

  • beebee

    Cosign H2O…and Gina come one which one sounds better…whichever is “final”….that usually means nothing else is after lol

  • Nigga Said

    Wifey can check my stats. I’m an all-star.

  • TheNatural


  • very cute couple!

    What a cute couple! he needs to give jigga some women adive! asap!!

  • TNF

    The NBA Finals MVP was given to the player who played the best for that series. The regular season MVP was given to the player who played the best for the ENTIRE season, Dozens and dozens of games. Not to take anything away from Kobe because he did win the ring and the finals MVP, but don’t minimize Lebron’s accomplishments either.

    Regular Season MVP can be given to ANY NBA Player, thats hundreds of dudes that could win. Being the MVP for the finals decreases the pool to about 20, so the chances of winning MVP in the Finals is WAAAAY higher off the strength that there are less people that you’re up against to win.

    Lebron was up against the ENTIRE NBA League and had to play well for an entire season, consistently. Unforuntately he couldn’t be consistent in the end when it mattered but Kobe winning MVP during the finals wasn’t hard to do, he was only up against his own teammates and the Magic.

    In my opinion as far as degree of difficulty? Its harder to win MVP during the Regular Season, than it is the Finals.

  • http://bossip.com coco

    Yeah Lebron quit acting like a candy ass.

  • BlackFriday

    LJ IS THE LEAGUE MVP!!!! LEAGUE MVP is a better award. That means he was the best in the WHOLE LEAGUE this WHOLE YEAR. Finals MVP only means you were best player out of those 2 teams in that particular serious. You people must be crazy.

  • Amber

    Well said @ TNF!

    I get so sick of ppl comparing Lebron to Jordan. This is a different time, so what if he(Lebron) wears a shirt saying whatever. First of all he’s on vacation with his fam taking a break from basketball. So stop stalking and let him be. He’s a very good role model. He can articulate well and he is a very nice young man. Sue he probably could’ve handled his self differently at the end of the last game against Magic but overall he is a great player and a good guy. Lebron will get his ring very soon and he will probably even stay in Cleveland if they give him a good supporting cast. So chill ppl. He is only human. GOSH!

  • Amber


  • TNF

    @BlackFriday Clearly we are the crazy ones, I said the same thing. Anyone with half a brain would understand this concept LOL

  • sepia830

    I’m pretty sure had the Lakers ended up playing the Cavaliers in the championship, Kobe would’ve been minus the MVP trophy. Let’s face it, Kobe got off easy.

  • BT

    The letters on that shirt look photoshopped to me.

  • Brandy

    That’s right Cookie,put LBJ with Iverson and I bet those beasts with the crazy stats and drive to kill a opponent they would go crazy on somebody ass. LBJ is just like Iverson! He has everything when it comes to awards of course AI has plenty more than he does but a championship is all they dont have! I’m sure AI would bang wit Bron Bron and definitely get a ring! Cleveland yall better catch AI while hes a free agent Go Getm!

  • WhatTheHellEver

    LeBron got a donk!



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