Coon Fest 2009

- By Bossip Staff

This past Saturday night, Atlanta was swarmed with iced out coons and their stank @ss entourages for 107.9’s Birthday Bash. Luckily, no one was shot, stabbed, shanked or stomped on which is a first.

Flip the script for more Birthday Bash pics

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  • gina

    this post makes me wonder for the first time if this site is indeed run by white people.

  • Oh, Really?!

    All I want to know is how does Plies go to the bathroom with all that sh*t around his neck?

  • dragged into Thiz: And you will Know Me By The Trail of Dead

    Some of the most ignorant representatives of Black culture alive, and you’re “wondering if the site is run by White people”.


  • Nigga Said

    @ Oh, Really: Plies sits down to pee.



  • manster

    Let me see, Nick Cannon is corny, I guess this display of “Real Black Men” is what many sister’s desire. Note I said many, not all. This is pathetic!!

  • COBA

    I…hate this dude….i mean seriously…Plies needs to fall off a coast somewhere

  • .....*......*......*

    I feel you on that the site is run by whites ,, thats why i choose to exit this bull mess> They have people on here here who imposter all day long and accuse others its just ridiculous~~

  • mr 100%

    that* their*



  • da8dawg

    Dr. King must be so proud.

  • Soulwoman

    Did Keri Hilson jack Ciara’s outfit?

  • john hope franklin

    ******i got plenty money******
    playing loudly in the background

  • twinkle

    I’m sorry but I like Plies. He’s college educated and he looks squeezable.

  • coach

    *blank stare*

  • Poked in the Morning...

    what??? Plies went to college? 4 year or 2 year??

    what was his major? Painting?

  • Bianca

    lies and bullshit


  • Honey Beauty

    Oh, Plies….

  • Kami All Day


    You’re 30 years old??


  • Honey Beauty

    Lol. Damn, Kami!

    Tell ’em why you mad!

    Girl, you had me rolling! I couldn’t stop laughing.

    But all jokes aside, I feel you.

  • Kami All Day


    I guess that was supposed to be directed towards me? Your comment?

    While your list of meager accomplishments dont surprise me, its nice to know that you also have grown up in a stable and loving environment as I have. I too, am a 30 year old female so…..nope…no staying at home for me! Those days were long gone 10 years ago, honey.

    But no need for comparisons.

    I was assuming that you couldnt be 30 by the way that you type….but then again, that shouldnt be any indication of how a person speaks. Should it? But that isnt the point…..point is, you’re right about a few things except for your assumptions of who I am.


  • Kami All Day



    Now that was the truth if I’ve ever seen it! That was a very good point.

    You make obvious an asset that you want “noticed”, right? Women wear low cut shirts to show cleavage, men sag pants to show their ass?

    Hey….its all relative….homo-hos!! Ha! Now, I’m using that one…

  • Sparkle

    They didn’t have no Drake at that bash with his fine lightskinded goodhaired self? I would rather attend a reggaton fest with all them goodhaired Dominican brothas.


    call plies what you want…..but i don’t see how you can be mad at a dude who threw out $50,000 in $1s to the crowd.

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