High Times: Love Ranch Brothel Hookers Tell Cops That Lamar Odom Was Snorting Coke And Poppin’ Pills

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Brothel Prostitutes Tell Police That Lamar Odom Was Snorting Cocaine And Popping Pills

We have all speculated about what exactly caused Lamar Odom to fall unconscious during his weekend stay at a shady Nevada brothel called Love Ranch, well police think they have the answer.

According to a report posted by TMZ, the fuzz talked to a couple of the workin’ girls at the aforementioned Love Ranch and they say that not only was he powdering his nose, but he was poppin’ a gang of unidentified pills.

Here’s a snippet from the police report:

Through interviews with the prostitutes that were with him since that point, it was learned that he possibly ingested cocaine in the bathroom in the adjoining bedroom in which the prostitutes were located along with Mr. Odom. They indicated they heard him snorting. They indicated they had a vague knowledge of him using illicit narcotics.

In addition to the slore tales, the cops also talked to Lamar’s personal assistant who also snitched, telling police that he had witnessed Odom getting high in the past.

In regards to the rumors that Lammy was OD’ing on sexual enhancement pills, cops say that’s unlikely because the the packaging is very recognizable.

Officials are still awaiting the results of Lamar’s blood test to see if traces of cocaine show up, if so, they could be inclined to prosecute him.

It sure would suck for Lamar to dodge death and then catch a charge.

Flip the page to read the update on Lamar’s health.

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A statement released by Lamar Odom’s family on PageSix suggests that his health is steadily improving daily.

“He is beginning to gradually flourish both mentally and physically,” said a statement from Alvina Alston, publicist for Odom’s aunt JaNean Mercer. “His use of speech has increased and he’s more cognitively responsive.”

Hopefully these are truthful and accurate reports as opposed to wishful thinking and fantasy.

That said, we’re happy to hear that he’s improving.

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