Ray J’s Back at His Best – Fake Money, Rented Cars and Dirty Hos

- By Bossip Staff

Ray J is back in the game filming his video for “You Heard of Us” doing what he does best – looking sleazy, pretending to have tons of loot and hangin’ out with losers. We didn’t really miss him though, guess he felt the need to get back out on his music grind. Ugh.

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  • nikkayyy


  • nikkayyy

    btw ray j looks like an ugly TURDtle

  • lala land

    that looks like about 100 dollars

  • ms g

    how come there are only ones in the picture. i never heard the song “its all about the washingtons” LOL he got like 100 dollars in ones…shameful

  • Tropical English


    Look at all his whittle onesies….

    too cute.

  • nikkayyy

    someone forgot to fotoshop 00 next to the 1 bill

  • Moreaces

    What a joke, its all ones, anybody that works at Wendy’s can copy that dumb mess.. Please

  • http://www.myspace.com/mzpayne_11 Smoovee Sayz

    Damn Pap…shoal dont look like Remy up there
    Awww Ray brought out 2/3 of the Lox…

  • facefacts

    lol all those singles going to the skrippers anyway…guess brandy gives him an allowance lol




  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    He reminds me of my little cousin who use to want to hang out with the grown folks. Rappers are really ruining our image. They perpetuate ignorance and stupidity.

  • RiCo LoVe

    Damn he got like $300 in singles I thought I was broke, I dont feel that bad anymore baaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllling SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chicago Larry

    Damn, I ain’t get no invite… I thought we was family?

  • dayg715

    Ray J just doesn’t get it. you have no music career. stop embarrassing yourself.

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    He just comes off as so sleazy and desperate to do anything to have a career. I can’t stand people who try too hard…either you have it or you don’t.

    Sit down, Ray J!

  • tg

    Honestly – what do you guys expect from him. He’s a young man, obviously, not ready to settle down. I’m sure Ray-j looks for love #2 is just another reality scam. This man aint looking for Love – he’s looking for FUN right now. Can’t you tell?

  • Jay the Real One

    Babygirl in the white look good, sweet chocolate thang

  • Poked in the Morning...

    LMAO @ chicago larry

    no you didn’t.

    and ROFL @ having $100s in ones. thats the money his mama gave him to buy groceries…

  • ohnoudient

    that negro showing about $100 in singles…wtf?

  • rachel

    …oh I forgot

    11. In da club

  • rachel

    13. In da club

  • CodyCole

    @ ohnoudient

    I noticed the same thing. Showing off a stack of ones????? LMBAO!

  • Honey Beauty

    I can’t stand Ray-J. Everything about him screams fake.

  • Honey Beauty

    And does that girl in the white think she’s fly with her tits hanging out like that?


  • Spiceema

    I think Ray-J is fine as eva. and I kinda wana hear how da song sounds because I ain’t go lie his last single Gifts was catchy.

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