Justice For Corey Jones: Black Florida Drummer Didn’t Fire Weapon At Officer Before Being Killed

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Corey Jones Did Not Shoot At Officer Before Death

Corey Jones, the drummer killed in Florida by a plainclothes officer after having car trouble, did NOT discharge his weapon reps for his family insist.

According to famed attorney Benjamin Crump, Jones was startled by the officer who approached him in an unmarked vehicle at 3:00 a.m. but never fired at him before he was gunned down.

CNN reports:

How was Corey Jones supposed to know that the man who drove up to him on dark Florida highway in an unmarked white van with tinted windows; who walked out in a t-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap; who never showed a badge; and who ultimately shot him dead was a police officer?

Jones’ family posed many questions in a meeting with State Attorney Dave Aronberg on Thursday, four days after the deadly shooting.

But making sense of how the plainclothes Palm Beach Gardens officer interacted with the late 31-year-old drummer, and what Jones could have done about it, topped the list.

“He doesn’t know if he’s about to be mugged, he’s about to be robbed, he’s about to be killed,” family lawyer Benjamin Crump said of Jones after the meeting with the Florida prosecutor. “Imagine yourselves on the side of the road at 3 in the morning, abandoned, the sense of concern you would have (while) waiting for a tow truck and an unmarked van rolls up.”

Authorities haven’t said a great deal about the Sunday incident, but lawyers for Jones did relate new details Thursday that they said they’d been told.

Among them was that Jones did have a gun that night.

He had it legally, including a concealed carry permit, but didn’t fire it once, according to Crump.

Jones’ gun was not next to him when he died about 80 to 100 feet from his car, having at some point tried to run away, according to the Jones family’s lawyers.

The plainclothes officer fired six shots, three of which hit Jones — including one that struck his aorta — the attorneys said. Not that he necessarily knew who, really, had opened fire.

Jones had just played a gig and was heading home early Sunday when his car broke down.

He called his big brother C.J., who offered to come get him only to have Corey tell him he wanted to stay with the car “because I have to perform at church with the choir the next morning,” according to Crump.

The officer did not have a body camera or dashboard video.

This is sure to be an uphill battle for the family but we pray they find out what really happened to Corey.

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