True Or False: Is Meek Mill Planning To Drop A Comeback Diss Record On Drake’s Birthday?

- By Bossip Staff

Meek Mill May Drop Diss Track On Drake’s Birthday

Meek has already kicked up enough unecessary dust and caught enough internet hell for one week…but rumor has it that the Philly rapper has plans to redeem himself against Drizzy on the Toronto rapper’s very own birthday.

Sources close to Meek say that Meek has been getting gassed by all the memes and videos that have been poking fun at Drizzy’s cha-cha slide, courtesy of his recent “Hotline Bling” video. As the insider shared with Hollywood Life:

“Even though their feud has publicly ended for the most part, Meek still thinks Drake’s a litte b*tch. Meek has a good laugh with his friends and other rappers at Drake’s expense. I mean, just look at Drake. His face is one big joke and the way he dances – man, he lost all street cred with those wack 60’s moves. Meek really wants to let this feud end but he’s tempted to shade Drake real hard on his birthday tomorrow and crush him with an epic diss track. It would be the best present Meek could ever give Drake! He’s in the studio constantly and is really thinking about dropping something epic on Drake, but he keeps going back and forth in his head asking if himself if he really wants to ignite that fire again. Everybody is dissing Drake right now and Meek’s seriously thinking about getting in on the act.”

Wait…Drake’s face is the joke here…???

Anyway, the biggest problem with this plan is…Drake is actually laughing at that joke too. We’re not sure how much a diss on Drizzy’s dance moves would really get to the rapper when he’s pretty much in on the joke…but we digress.

We’d typically dismiss this chatter altogether, but our friends over at Baller Alert recently got their hands on some footage of what seems to be Meek yelling rapping over Drake’s “Back to Back” beat…about three months after the track initially dropped:

Could this be Drake’s birthday gift diss reply from Meek? Drake turns 29 in just a few hours, so time will only tell if Meek’s big rebuttal will be dropped off in time for Drake day. Do you think he could actually release some fire and claim a victory over October’s Very Own?

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