Swirl News: Madonna’s Mercy Crashes in Her New London Digs

- By Bossip Staff

Madonna’s newest little one – Mercy just arrived in London over the weekend and is already making her paparazzi appearance. Pop the top for more

The newest member of the Madonna bunch,adorable Mercy James, took in the sights outside her new mom’s London home this weekend.

With a wave of Madonna’s wand, Mercy has gone from Malawian orphan to material girl.

Let’s hope Madonna does a better job of handling Mercy’s hair than Angelina Jolie does with Zahara.


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  • .

    now david is a cutie .. this one .. no comment

  • Atlas

    first lucky me

  • B'More

    what I don’t understand is why everyone is letting this woman’s money and fame blind them to the future damage she’s doing to these two little kids psychologically. they will be screwed up mentally, trust.

  • cam

    Dear “Funny!”, you are ignorant and need to keep your ignorant comments to yourself. If Madonna wanted to really help out “po’ lil’ black chilren” then she should give money to help open free clinics, schools, and food banks. This ‘look’ of adopting african children is not going to save the motherland. She’s doing this for publicity because it’s the lastest trend.

  • Bajansparkle

    Tell me what type of publicity stunt Madonna is up to she has no albums being launched or anything of the sort if she even walks out of her home it is publicized….why is it so hard for people to accept this. Mercy was an orphan she probably would have grown up without anything close to a family or family values.Growing up with money does not necessarily mean that she will be a spoiled brat or illiterate,people can be so naive.And how many people, celebrities and organizations have been giving to Africa for all these years, things cant change overnight but it is the simple things like this that count also.

  • Hard Candy

    For those who don’t know . Madonna has poured a ton of money into Malawi..she and Bill Clinton have a joint charity called RAiSING MALAWI. She is building schools and clinics and speaks openly about this. Peple are so stuck on her being White Madonna that they dont even do the research to show what she is doing for the country.

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