LiveSteez Lounge: Brian White Teams Up with Tyler Perry

- By Bossip Staff

Brian White’s more than just some morning, afternoon or evening handsome, he’s an accomplished actor, ex-football player and somewhat of a Renaissance man.

LiveSteez: Tell me a little about the new film you’re in, Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself.

I was excited about the role because it’s a cautionary tale to women. I have five sisters, so I try to be a good role model. Half of the time I’m trying to show them what the good guys looks like. The other half of the time, I’m trying to point out what I think a bad guy looks like – maybe not such an obvious bad guy. That’s what interested me in this role.

Check out the rest of Brian White’s Interview at LiveSteez Lounge

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  • anon09

    I think he’s handsome.

  • Jay the Real One

    That guy radiates gayness

  • lol ketchup b

    he is soo handsome to me….

  • Chicago Larry

    He was gay last week… Don’t forget the nekkid gay leaping photo.

  • songbird

    I really admire Brian as an actor, person and a black man. He’s has built such a great career and reputation for himself and Im glad to see it growing. It’s sad people are quick to call him gay cause he’s not like the some of those messed up black men, well B white keep doing you and nobody else!

  • Divine

    I agree! I love Brian White. I have read stuff about him and what he does in the community and in is life and it’s really impressive. He’s definitely a catch for some woman!
    i hope him and black men like him get more visibilty. And I WISH people would stop saying he’s gay.

  • Woudat X

    ok.. this nicca is comin out the closet…..

  • Lolah

    am i the only person who is slightly put off by his mustache???

  • dundun

    How about some afternoon gayage?

  • Shankita

    LOL I just seen this guy on the weekend with his wife

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