Jesus Take The Wheel: Father Hands Son Loaded Gun

- By Bossip Staff

This is one of the most disturbing videos we’ve seen in a while. The fact that this dumb @ss muthaf*cker handed a loaded and cocked gun to his toddler son means he deserves whatever happens next.

Pop the lid for the vid

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  • sushine20745

    he had it coming…what a dumb ass

  • Woudat X

    SEE THE FIRE…. kid gonna b scarred for life

  • atlcpa

    OMG what an idiot…

  • Tracy

    Dumb azz…that’s what you get for showing off. I hope it hurt like hell but, I also hope you’ll recovered and teach your son the danger of guns.

  • mojojojo

    is this real?
    please tell me its fake!!

  • LadyAngel


  • Soul Ese


  • Moreaces




  • songbird

    What an ignorant fool! I know his felt the gun on his stomach….why would he do that?

  • DC Native

    wow, wtf would posses this man to do this type of thing. did the dad live I wonder

  • RiCo LoVe

    This is the middle east thats what they do at there kids birthday parties

  • Er

    That was FUNNY!! maybe this guy is off the planet and somebody with brains can raise this child.

  • 1VAsweetsexy

    Dummy had a death wish and was too much of a coward and do it himself

  • http://bossip bless38

    pynk wus up it tht u lookn good in tht pick

  • michelle

    DUMB ASS!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB ASSS!!!!!!!!! DUMB ASS!!!!!!!!!! i mean did i say DUMB ASS!!!!??

  • MrTavMarie

    what a tragedy. A dumbass tragedy.

  • Mz.CW

    wow! He is a dummy for doing that. What if the kid woulda turn the gun in himelf or tried to put it in his mouth, kids put things in their mouths for no apparent reason all the time. Well, hopefully he learned his lesson.

  • Honey Beauty

    That’s what he gets for being ignorant.

  • angden

    trill that pouch was his fat stomach, did you see the way that gun kicked back in that kids face?

  • angden

    trillion that pouch was his fat stomach, did you see the way that gun kicked back in that kids face?

  • cherokee23

    If ever there was a time when someone deserved to be shot…Idiot!

  • wow!

    i saw this years ago lol and i think he died

  • johnjacobjongleheimersmits

    thisis soooo old. daddy died

  • Aww Man...

    I’m sorry but this is hella funny.

  • Chillin


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