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Blac Chyna Still Claims Future

Blac Chyna isn’t going to let a little thing like getting publicly curved by the man she’s dating block her happiness!

After she revealed some fresh ink marking her as Future’s main lil one the other day, Future made a point to publicly announce that he wasn’t claiming anyone at the moment — and the social media roast of Blac Chyna began right on schedule.



But apparently Chyna’s just rolling with the punches on this one. A source close to the action says that regardless of the fact that Future chose the dirty over her…Chyna’s still claiming Freebands because she knows where he lays his head at night — at least on Saturdays and Sundays…

Via TMZ:

Blac Chyna doesn’t care if Future’s telling the world — and chicks everywhere — he’s single … ’cause she’s just happy to be ONE of the women he’s tapping.

Sources close to Chyna tell TMZ Future’s actions speak louder than his “I’m single” tweet, since she’s with him every weekend. Yes, she thinks Future’s announcement was a low-blow, but she still considers him “her man.”

That attitude might explain why she went ahead and got Future’s name tattooed on her hand … even though she’s just one of many in his stable.

Blac Chyna gets Future's name tattooed on her

Apparently being one of many is fine with Chyna, as long as she knows she’s in the top spot. The chatterbox source ALSO shared some info with HollywoodLife on the matter:

“Chyna’s just trying to get in where she fits in when it comes to Future. She loves him and knows exactly what type of relationship she’s got herself into, and she’s cool with it. She knows that he’s out there doing what he does. But the fact of the matter is as long as he treats her well, gives her money and spoils King rotten, she’s fine with that.

Say what you want about Chyna but she’s in this relationship for the long run. At the end of the day, she knows where Future is, what he’s doing and who he’s screwing. She doesn’t think he’s a cheater at all. When it’s all said and done, he’s coming home to her. He’s paying her bills and as long as momma is a kept woman, the relationship with Future will be golden.”

We guess being the most famous chick Future is messing with counts for something in her mind?? Hey, if she likes it we love it.

Besides, that tattoo is still healing…she kind of has to stick to her guns right now.




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