UK Newspaper Puts Jay Z’s “Secret Baby” On Blast

- By Bossip Staff

Um, so…apparently the UK didn’t get the memo on the rumor from like five years ago that Jay Z has a “secret child”. All the panties that Jay was slingin’ back in the day and you expect us not to believe that there aren’t several hundred big-lipped children floating around? Get real. Peep the story with the names and all:

Beyoncé’s star is shining brightly right now and she attributes much of her showbiz success to her long-term partner and husband, rap star Jay-Z, 39.

Such is their deep love for each other that Beyoncé, 27, recently revealed that they plan to start a family before she turns 30. But behind the apparent happiness lies a secret that Beyoncé carries with her: the claim that Jay-Z has already experienced fatherhood without her.

Now we can reveal that the fiercely private rapper – who’s worth an estimated $400 million – reportedly has a secret 7-year-old son who he’s amazingly managed to hide from the limelight all this time. The boy apparently bears a striking resemblance to his father and is the result of Jay-Z’s romance with Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott which ended in 2001, before he met Beyoncé.

Jay-Z has gone to great lengths to distance himself from the claims, despite reports that he’s privately admitted paternity. Beyoncé, whom he married in April 2008, is now apparently accepting of the boy and is even said to have gone on holiday with her stepson in the South of France.

Although Jay-Z’s spokesman denied that there was any truth in ‘these ridiculous rumours’, the rebuttal falls short of a denial that the rap star is the boy’s father. Despite approaching Jay-Z’s representatives repeatedly last week, they refused to comment.

Sources say that Shenelle and her son live a quiet life in Trinidad at a $2.5 million home that Jay-Z bought for them after paternity tests revealed a positive match. It’s also thought that Shenelle, 28, brings her son to see Jay-Z in New York, where he’s based, whenever she flies there for modeling assignments.

This isn’t the first time Jay-Z has tried to keep his personal life out of the public eye. Even though he and Beyoncé have been together since September 2002, they kept the relationship under wraps for many months – and it wasn’t until six months after they married last year that they officially confirmed they were man and wife.

That’s right, Jay. Sweep that sh*t under the rug like a real man.


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  • Snkrfetish

    REALLY? …who cares?

  • Elroy Jetson

    Doubt B really cares at this point…$200M+ will sway alot of opinions.

  • mecca f


  • lies and bullshit

    I’ll beleieve it when I see it. I know ol thunder thighs quietly cringes at the thought… we’ll see

  • Simply Juicy


  • Kenny

    Men cant bare children!

  • bAbes


  • Dior

    So old…so why are we discussing?

  • Breaking the monotony (Lean)

    I heard this a long time ago…wonder if it’s true?? hmmm if Janet Jackson can hide her kid and marriages…I’m sure Jay can! lol

  • Jupiter_Butterfly


  • Cynthia

    Well Happy Fathers Day Jay LOL!

  • Lil Mama C4

    The ONLY reason I don’t believe it is because I don’t see Jay Z denying his child. I mean he LOVES his nephews why would he turn his back on his? That is the ONLY reason because in all honesty when they put them on that cover with Jay on one side the mother on the other and that little boy in the middle OMG he exactly like what their child would look like!!!!

  • http://bossip Ronell

    Remember that song for da fam. when jay say plus im having a child which is more frightening what yall about to whitness is big business kid. etc…..
    I love hov he’d be a great pop.

  • Mizz Pimpin

    A real man dont keep secrets

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    I applaud Jay Z for keeping his personal business under wraps. He’s entitled to his privacy and having such an exposed life makes it hard – impossible, really, since’s he’s so high profile in the industry. Seeing the pattern in which he and Beyonce follow as far as keeping their business out of the limelight, I think Jay just wants his son to have a normal life, away from all the Hollyweirdness. He has already acknowledged his son by preparing a place for him to live, if what’s being said is true. He strikes me as a “man” and not a “boy in a man’s suit.”

    As for Bey, if she loves her husband, she takes everything that comes with him, including his child(ren). Seems she’s accepted it. What more is there to say?

  • mojojojo

    @ lalliycyaha
    ahhhhhhhh baby its june..aprils fool was 2months ago…..WOW

  • Speaking the truth...

    I can’t see him denying his child either…but I put nothing past celebrities these days. If it is his son…he will put him on blast when he gets of age.

  • excuse me

    it’s “husband and wife” not “man and wife” you morons…it’s 2009 for God’s sake.

  • dayg715

    they are LATE as hell with this story. but it’s definitely believable. only reason why we don’t hear about the child is because Camel is coughing up the cash on a regular basis so the boy’s mother doesn’t have anything to complain about.

  • This some shhhh...

    Maybe the child is dening the father.

  • B'More

    @Mizz Pimpin


  • Kenny

    We dont see the trips he may take to visit his child, we only see what they let us. The mom is being paid to keep quiet and if she doesnt she has to pay the price like so many. Jay has a legal team that can bury an individual not to mention thugs who will do anything for him.

  • lovebaby1117

    Jay-z and Beyonce are a very quiet couple. I think that the media is trying to dig up some dirt on them because they don’t put their business out there like some of these other tack head couples out here.

  • Kenny


    I dont think the media is “just trying to find something”, I think most reports are true but rich powerful people pay people to keep things quiet. Stop believing Jay and Beyonce are innocent, they do their dirt quietly and no one is able to speak about it or your labeled a hater. Do you remember Jay stabbing Lance Un Rivera? What happened to that?

  • boringcouple

    Boreyawnsay and Camel face are Not even married! Wake up people!

    In the meantime, bey’s tour cancel because tickets didn’t sell.

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