Fact Or Fiction? The 10 Wildest Stories From Beyonce’s New Biography

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The Craziest Stories From Beyonce’s Tell-All

The new Beyonce tell-all is coming out and it’s full of bombshells. Since we know some of you probably don’t want to read all 500 of those pages, we decided to skim off a few of the biggest stories from the book. You think they’re true? Sound off.

Jay Z And Beyonce Split For A Year – Beyonce and Jay Z have had a tumultuous relationship full of breaks and split-ups. According to the book, Jigga and Bey broke up for an entire year. Why…

There Was A Made-Up Rihanna Affair – The book claims that Rihanna’s PR people brought up the whole affair to make her more famous.

Jay Z And Beyonce Bonded Over Daddy Issues –
When Jay and Beyonce first started hanging out, Jay opened up to her about reconciling issues with his father and Bey talked about her issues with Matthew. Isn’t that nice?

The Letter That Killed Destiny’s Child –
The author alleges that he has a copy of the letter that broke Destiny’s Child. Beyonce was mad that the two outcasts were going behind her back to get different management. The letter put them on blast and kicked them to the curb.

The Book claims that Solange and Jay Z’s infamous elevator fight came because Solange was angry Jay Z was still running around with Rihanna behind Bey’s back.

Beyonce apparently was caught mooning usher when she was 12.

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    Matthew Knowles made Beyonce watch her loss on Star Search before a trip to Disneyworld and she cried the whole time.

    The author couldn’t find any evidence that Beyonce’s pregnancy wasn’t real.

    The book details a feud between Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson that stemmed from jealousy and nitpicking during the Dreamgirls era.

    Beyonce’s first boyfriend was quoted in the book and he said she would do anything Jay Z told her to. And he found out he was dumped when Beyonce said he wasn’t invited to Solange’s baby shower.

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