BOSSIP Exclusive: #HELLO!! Lionel Richie Says New Adele Record Helps Him Stay Relevant

- By Bossip Staff

Singer Told BOSSIP His Opinion Of Adele’s New Record

Lionel Richie was just as shocked as anyone else when he heard fellow singer Adele released new single “Hello” – the same title of his own hit song.

“I cannot tell you, my phone blew up. People were going, ‘are you gonna let her get away with that?’” a youthful looking Richie told BOSSIP in NYC Tuesday night. “I said, ‘Guys, it’s hello. They said ‘yes – but you own hello.’ I said ‘no no, no. I don’t own hello.’”

Richie was in town to celebrate launching his new dining decor brand, Lionel Richie Home. The singer, 66, arrived Tuesday night at the PHD Terrace at the Dream Midtown with his young girlfriend Lisa Parigi. He posed for selfies with fans inside the champagne bash, hosted by DuJour Magazine, before heading downtown to Cipriani for a private dinner where guests tested out his new line.

Richie said his collection, which features gold-trimmed plates and cocktail glasses, was just an extension of his creativity as an artist. He said Lionel Richie Home hits stores early next eyar, and plans for his own clothing line are also in the works.

“I spent a lot of my career with people asking me one question: Lionel, what the hell are you doing?’” Richie said. “And this is the same… just in a different form and it really to me, is seamless, because I do this all day.”

The Adele nod was just another way Richie said his music stays relevant.
“I think what’s happening now with all the younger artists, is that we’re out here picking up a whole other generation now. We did Glastonbury, 150,000-200,000 (people). I can show you pictures of absolute seven to nine year olds with ‘Hello’ written across their heads.”

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