Blame Khloe? Here’s The REAL Reason Lamar Odom’s Father Can’t Visit Him At The Hospital

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Lamar Odom’s Father Not Blocked By Khloe Kardashian

Remember how Lamar Odom’s father said that Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian coven were using their evil to keep him away from his sick and ailing son?

Well it seems that Khloe had nothing to do with it after all. In fact, the reason he could even see Lamar in Vegas hospital at all was actually because Khloe was calling the shots and decided to let any and every family member that wanted to check on him stop by.

But now that Lamar is awake and lucid enough to call his own shots…he’s made the visitor list much more exclusive — and isn’t particularly interested in chatting with his dad. Via TMZ:

Lamar Odom is doing well enough that he’s making his own decisions at the hospital, including who gets in to visit him — so Khloe Kardashian had nothing to do with his dad getting turned away.

Our sources tell us Lamar’s recovery has progressed to the point that he is communicating with doctors and fully participating in decisions about his treatment. We’re told that’s why Khloe finally decided to leave the hospital a few days ago.

As for what went down when Joe Odom went to the hospital — we’re told Khloe was not even there at the time … so, if anyone blocked Lamar’s dad, it was most likely Lamar himself.

Interesting. Reports do say that Joe seemed to be a little more preoccupied with asking all the Kardashians for cash during his last visit to Lamar, and the two hadn’t been on the best terms before he took a turn for the worse. So seems like he may have said that out of saltiness

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