Officer Slam Broke Student’s Arm During #SpringValleyAssault, Caused Injuries To Ribs, Neck And Back

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Spring Valley Victim’s Arm Was Broken During The Assault

The victim in the Spring Valley High attack has remained anonymous and off the grid since video of the incident went viral. Now, her lawyer has provided an update on the teenage girl’s condition after being violently snatched from her chair and flung across the room by now-fired officer Ben Fields.

Unsurprisingly, the girl suffered broken bones and bruising during the incident, and a GoFundMe has been started to get the rumored orphan the medical care she needs. Via NYDN:

The South Carolina teen thrown by disgraced sheriff’s deputy Ben Fields had her arm broken when she was tossed across a Spring Valley high school classroom during an overly-violent arrest, the girl’s attorney said.

With mounting medical bills, a GoFundMe page was created to help support the unnamed victim, who currently lives in a foster home. Supporters raised more than $8,000 in three hours.

The donations would go to her medical costs for her broken arm, rib, back, neck and shoulder injuries she suffered from “Officer Slam’s” violent arrest, the page said. The $25,000 campaign would also pay for her legal fees and education expenses.

The page was started by her lawyer, Todd Rutherford. He also created a GoFundMe page for Niya Kenny, the classmate that stood up for the unnamed victim and was also arrested. The hulking former cop’s 16-year-old victim is currently living with her foster mother, and was emotionally traumatized by the scorned deputy’s violent arrest, her lawyer said.

This new development goes against reports from Richland County Sherriff Leon Lott, who assured the press that the girl had only suffered minor rug burn after being tossed around mercilessly by a grown man. Of course, that same sherriff thought that the officer couldn’t possibly have racial motivations since he’s been dating a Black woman for years…so there goes his perspective on things. SMH.

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