Chris Brown Stans: “We Support Breezy No Matter Who He Beats”

- By Bossip Staff
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Some Chris Brown sympathizers don’t really care if he put hands on a woman. They were at the courthouse yesterday, representing and showing love. We can’t figure this one out…

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  • rome a.k.a. (Tiger Hood!!)



    2nd mayn!!

  • Nigga Said

    Chris Brown didnt deserve jail time. I think his plea coupled with public embarassment is enough. 1400 of community service. Thats alot. 5 years of probabtion, that’s a headache.

  • tb (Obama needs to fix the healthcare system in this country - Universal Healthcare!)

    IDK why he plead guilty. Bump that…If a buckethead hoe hit me, there is no way I’m going to look out for her ass.


    3 words.

    Get – a – life.


    Let’s ask these dumb females,if they would still support that punk if he beat there dizzy asses down. Pathetic

  • rome a.k.a. (Tiger Hood!!)

    I don’t condone hitting women!!! Let me make that loud and clear.

    I want you women to know somethimg though.

    If you don’t want a man to hit you……….



    I’m jus sayin!

  • E$

    I guess O.J. wasn’t fine enough or could dance good enough for this type of sympathy. Dumb azz females

  • missunderstood

    that is sad…they need better role models…

  • Rae

    I hope this whole thing will go away…I do believe there is more to the story…it will come out…eventually

  • http://bossip WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?

    Why is there any surprise that CB has fans that still support him?

    And whats with the bland people talking about he got off because he’s a celebrity? The man has had a clean image and no legal woes until February. This was his FIRST and, if he takes the time out that he needs to refocus, his LAST!!!

    Since we now know that he reads blogs…MUCH LOVE CHRIS BROWN…YOU HAVE PLENY OF FANS THAT ARE WAITING ON YOUR NEXT MOVE…Sit down with the people that molded your career and image and regroup. Be careful of the talk show tours and reality circus. Pick your moves carefully…AND GET AN ANSWERING SERVICE…Don’t take ANY direct calls…lol

    I’m out

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax

    Hmmm, interesting that there are some women on here that say violence against a woman is wrong and then sanction the same said violence on other women that don’t hold their same view. So violence against women is wrong unless a woman disagrees with you? Seems to me that you are just another part of the problem.

  • Donna

    We will never know the TRUE story of what happened. Everyone needs to stop judging and blaming Chris for everything.

  • Always Right

    @ E$
    OJ alledgedly killed his wife. KILLED SOMEONE! What do you excpect? Do u think Chris Brown should be looked at as some sort of murderer or rapist? He didnt do either of those things and everyday people would have never gotten his sentence or his embarassment. Get over yourself!

  • bianca


    Did you just compare Chris Sleezy to Tupac??? LAME!!! You are a damn fool.

  • Kami All Day


    lol….Sometimes the job gets too monotonous that you have to take a damn mental break! lol And I guess this is it? lol

    LOL@ “his body’s in the house”. I know thats right! I dont condone domestic violence, but as a survivor of it, I can say that if someone thinks that they can get away with hitting on ME then they have another thing coming.


    Those broads are lame and I wouldnt be surprised if a they end up in abusive relationships. After all “we
    are all human and we all make mistakes.”

  • iApple

    OMG His Fans are basically saying her deserves Wayy bigger punishment than what he already has!!!

    They keep saying oh he’s human and oh he Makes mistakes and he’ll learn from them! Uh so basically yall are saying he should be tried like a regular person and get jail time! Because hes not being treated like a regular person whom makes a mistake becuase of his name and its just crazy.

  • Kami All Day

    @Always Right:

    Well, first off, I am mature enough to know not to put hands on a grown person. If we cannot talk out our problems like adults then I know that I cannot (and will not) be with that person.

    I’d like to think that I am a decent person (not perfect), but decent enough to know that if you ask about me then you will get the same response. I dont do people dirty because I believe in Karma wholeheartedly.

    Because I am a survivor of domestic violence, I can talk the talk because I’ve walked the walk.

    So my “self-righteous” comments will stand. 🙂

  • Michelle


  • Michelle

    This is bogus. Chris through all of this is STILL protecting her skank @ss. Tell the truth Chris – it was self defense (may it be a man or woman). She struck you three times before you were forced to defend yourself. To all parents do you raise your kids (Boys or Girls) to be abused by anyone? Think about it

    And how do you know this? Yeah, you don’t. The only person he was protecting was himself. Rihanna was fully ready to testify. If she did, Chris would have been in soem deep shit.

  • too real

    This is bogus. Chris through all of this is STILL protecting her skank @ss. Tell the truth Chris – it was self defense (may it be a man or woman). She struck you three times before you were forced to defend yourself. To all parents do you raise your kids (Boys or Girls) to be abused by anyone? Think about it

  • Always Right

    @ Kami All Day
    Well good for you if you survived it but u must also know that u were under someone else’s control and that it took u a while before u could get out. That does not give u or anyone else a right to judge this guy because u dont know their particular circumstance. If u went through domestic abuse then u know it wouldve takin more than that night with CB and RiRi to get him and court and get all the time he did.

  • Dime Diva

    All i gotta say is IF YOU BAD ENUFF TO HIT A MAN, U BAD ENUFF TO GET HIT BACK!!! Aint that wat mama tought u? If sumbody hit you hit they a** back or get yo a** beat by me!! lol
    I’m just sayin, she prolly knew wat buttons to push and she pushed em

  • SimplePleasures

    Chris deserves a chance to redeem himself just like ANY OTHER PERSON who messes up. He’s not a bad person, just a young kid who made a bad decision. Now, if this type of behavior continues to follow him, then I’m sure his supporters (including myself) won’t be so forgiving the next time. I don’t support what he did, but I dont support what Rihanna did either.

    With that being said…you can’t tell me he hauled off and mushed her behind for the hell of it…she’s not innocent, and I guarantee you, her true colors will be shown in full effect soon enough. We still haven’t heard Chris’ side, but I’m sure that if we ever do, many of us won’t be surprised. For all we know, Chris may be getting paid to keep his mouth shut in order to help preserve Rihanna’s career.

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