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Brit Complain About “Offensive” New “Ghetto” McDonald’s Renovation

The folks across the pond can be so damn bougie. Apparently they don’t appreciate the aesthetic of the urban environment when they are shoving high calorie “food” into their yellowed and rotting mouths.

According to a story in the NYPost, the Brits are none-too-pleased with the latest redesign of Mickey D’s…

Burger loving Brits are not lovin’ a McDonald’s in England that underwent a trashy makeover — that makes it look vandalized.

Residents of Redhill, about two hours south of London, say the “ghetto” design leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

“How insulting to all the decent people out there. What an absolute disgrace – get rid of it,” Rachel Karn told the Surrey Mirror. “Don’t they realize it sends a message that graffiti is somehow okay?”

McDonald’s doesn’t get what the big deal is…

In response to the outrage, a spokesperson for the McDonald’s said: “We were surprised to hear this feedback, as the restaurant team have received many compliments about the recent refurbishment. These refreshed designs have been used across the UK and have been very well-received.”

Do you see a problem with a graffiti tagged McDonald’s? Are you a “decent person” who is offended?

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