RiRi’s Not Ready to Walk Away from Breezy Beatdowns

- By Bossip Staff

After yesterday’s shocking courtroom drama, one of the hardest sentences Breezy received was an order to stay away from Rihanna for the term of his probation which is five years. That’s five years with no wild @ss fights, throwing cell phones out the windows of moving cars and gettin’ your @ss beat.

As part of the plea deal struck by Chris Brown on Monday (June 22), the singer was issued a “stay away” order by Judge Patricia Schnegg that requires the singer to avoid his former girlfriend for the next five years, according to Rihanna’s attorney.

Donald Etra told a group of reporters outside the courthouse that his client didn’t think the “stay away” order was necessary. Rihanna was previously granted an order of protection against Brown, but the pair briefly reunited at a Miami mansion owned by Diddy following the alleged assault.

Now, however, the two will be required to keep their distance.

Under the guidelines of the order, Etra said the pair won’t be able to have even a distant, cordial relationship. Brown cannot contact Rihanna at all, while Rihanna reaching out to Brown would be considered a violation on Brown’s part, punishable by law. Should they both appear at an event, Brown would be required to stay at least 10 yards away from his former girlfriend.

Etra said the order was issued for the duration of Brown’s five-year probation, although the judge said she would reconsider the issue when Brown is sentenced in August.

Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault charges and will be sentenced to up to 180 days of community service in Virginia. Had he gone to trial, Brown could have faced up to four years and eight months in prison. Brown must also enroll in domestic-abuse courses.

These two didn’t realize how serious their violent relationship was. RiRi better keep her distance or she’ll get Breezy’s @ss locked up for real.


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  • rome a.k.a. (Tiger Hood!!)


  • Chicago Larry

    No more nekkid photos – 1st

  • Chicago Larry

    2nd – but if they’d stop tryin to jack my posts with ads I woulda been first.

  • missunderstood

    I think this is the best thing for both. Get some air from each other and get your minds right…

  • jasmine

    why is the power given to rihanna for? that violent ho! karma will come for her ass!

  • Yep

    Their relationship is clearly unhealthy and they need to stay away from each other, especially before someone really gets hurt or murdered.

    If Chris threatend to kill her in a fit of rage, he probably will.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Hopefully those domestic violence classes will keep their occasional trysts safe. Can’t nobody convince me they ain’t still seeing each other.

  • Melanie

    RT the judge was smart by doing this because any man who gets in trouble over a female will hold that against her for a while. Chris being ordered to stay away from her until hes sentenced gives him time to get his mind right and reflect on what hes done.
    Of miss rihanna didn’t think of this and was only concerned with being able to heal his heart in her own way. The time apart will help both of them.

  • MAMI A

    it really doubt they will stay away from each other for the next 5yrs..

  • L

    while Rihanna reaching out to Brown would be considered a violation on Brown’s part, punishable by law

    uh oh

  • Melanie

    You already know if this doesn’t get axed in August somebody is going to jail because its obvious they are way to in love with each other to stay away from each other that long.

  • miss girl

    This order is only effective in the U.S.

    They can always buy a house together in Europe and rendevouz there.

    Chris Brown should only see her outside the U.S. to protect himself.

  • Yep

    Can a convicted felon travel outside the U.S.?

  • Jade Silver (the countdown has begun)

    The judge is smart. This is the best thing for both of them.

  • Jade Silver (the countdown has begun)

    Had they not been heard by others that night, she would probably have never opened a case.

  • Melanie

    yeah but the thing is Breezy has to come back every 3 months so no overseas redevous for them hed be locked up as soon as he came back.

    Damn I can’t imagine someone forcing me to stay away from my man if I forgave him and everything after a fight. Thats just cruel but then again chris just became a felon for her so hey some cool off time is def needed.

  • Mama Mila

    Oh lawd…now it’s going to be all this extra hype at award shows to make sure they stay away from each other. The saga continues….

  • Hi Haters!

    Actually, her lawyer can petition that in August once the sentence is actually rendered!

  • WIFEY06

    I am so glad the judge ordered him and her to stay away. This case has been one sided the whole time and unfair.. that is why folks will forgive him. He never got a fair chanceinthe first place nad we can all relate to that onthe black man case.

    I am soglad he can not go near her and vice versa. because she no she was wrong as well.

    Jts a chance for another white judge to serve red blood justice to a rich black man.

    Chris will proabably start dating fat white girls from VA now..

    Rihanna is disturbed!!! and she lost Chris period!!!!!!

    5 years probabtion and a whole life of Freedom Breezy you are a winner!!!!! Get back up and brush it off!!!

  • Always Right

    @ Yep

    U must b Rihanna or something because u sure know exactly how she’s feeling. Abusive relationships are about mind control first and less about the actual abuse. No one said CB did something wonderful but do u want to put him in the guillotine and cut his head off. In todays society there are laws and the law stated wat was going to be done so u can stfu with all that other stuff. Black women can b strong but im not about to put rihanna on a pedastal as a strong black woman cuz i dont feel that she is.

  • Melanie

    I guess this cements that shes in love with the boy.
    I mean if the stay away order wasn’t granted I bet they would have had the biggest laugh because they got over this now they have to hope that order wont be continued past August 5th.
    I find it interesting that the court is also forcing rihanna to stay away from Chris. Its not like they have been spending that much time together anyway but oh well I’m sure it will get axed because she seems to get whatever they want.

  • Speaking the truth...

    That stay away order is a bunch of crap. They probably saw each other that night. So stupid.

  • Yep

    @Always Right

    Abusive relationships are about mind control first and less about the actual abuse.

    That is interesting. Who told you that? Is that why most women who are murdered are killed by their boyfriends or husbands? If you kill or maim someone, how is that controlling their minds.

  • missunderstood

    @Jade Silver (the countdown has begun)

    Had they not been heard by others that night, she would probably have never opened a case.

    – I believe this is probably true…

    @Speaking the truth…the only reason this stay away order may hold water is because they are in the public eye and don’t want to risk any more unnecessary bad PR… I just hope it gives them time to move on and get pre-occupied elsewhere, with other mates…

  • Freedom of Speech

    Rihanna no damn well she played a major part in the azz woopin!!! I don’t worship Rihanna but she is not innocent and i’m glad he is getting help & she need help too. SILLY RABBIT TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS!!!

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