Parents Of High School Football Players Hang Dummy Of Black Rival

Race Matters: Parents Of High School Football Players “Hanged” A Dummy Of Black Player From Rival School

- By Bossip Staff

Parents Of High School Football Players Hang Dummy Of Black Rival

High School football rivalries is a big deal in a lot of towns and cities in America, but this has gone entirely too far.

The parents of students at Lincoln High School in Indiana have been put on blast for hanging a candy-filled effigy of a black player from an opposing school according to a report on Fox59.

The azzhole Assistant Superintendent of the Western Wayne School District was all caped up to defend this bulls#!t:

“Only after the picture was sent out did the Lincoln supporters learn that the number on the Tri-High uniform was that of an African American student. It clearly was not the thought or intent of the Lincoln supporters or football players that this incident was anything more than a school rivalry. This incident was not racially motivated.”

How the hell does he know what motivated “this incident”?! SMH.

Other folks (who aren’t azzholes) don’t quite see it that way:

“Parents? That’s even more shocking. If in fact that’s the case then the parents shouldn’t be allowed to come over here all year, period,” says Dave Southerland

We absolutely refuse to believe that grown folks, parents, could somehow miss the fact that the hanging of a black man could be “misconstrued” as racist. It’s not like the default skin color of piñata dummies is black, they had to go out of their way to find a black one. It was done on purpose. F outta here with that “rivalry” excuse!

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