UK Club Denied Entry To Group Of Women Because They Were Black

Another UK Nightclub Put On Blast For Denying Entry To Group Of Girls Because They’re Black!

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Birmingham Nightclub Accused Of Denying Entry To Black Girls Despite Reservation

If you thought DSTRKT was bad, wait until you hear about Bambu.

This week London based blogger Jess Gregory took to her Facebook to describe an incident that occurred last when she, along with a group of 10 friends, drove 100 miles to Birmingham to celebrate a birthday at a club called Bambu, where they’d made their reservation for the evening (long but worth reading in its entirety):

So last night myself and of group of friends drove to Birmingham for a birthday celebration! Very excited we spent money on the travel, hotel and in the week the birthday girl booked us on a guest list for a bar/club called BAMBU (as it says you should below) We got dressed, we got 2 taxis (there are 11 of us) and we got to the queue. We were then told we were NOT in the guest list – then told that the owner had changed something and said something: Then told actually we can’t come in. On questioning they had no real reason as the Birthday girl confronted them with the confirmation she received of our booking. I found it off that despite me questioning and questioning security didn’t say anything. No eye contact no voices just simply looked away like they were embarrassed about what was about to happen…….We were pushed out of the queue to aside only to be told that we were too black.

A security guard explained they do not allow groups of black people ( we were a mixture of black & mixed girls ). He explained the club simply won’t let us in because of the colour of our skin and there being 11 of us would mean too ‘many’ black people.

It happens all the time and was recently on the news following a similar situation at A club in London. I have had it happen before but never ever so blatantly. Never ever so obviously and quite as shamefully.

Between us we would of spent £110 on entry fees and then no doubt a huge amount in the bar. Despite Us having the same ‘paper’ as our fellow humans in the queue; Our money is too black.

I have never felt so embarrassed and ashamed. We were looked down on (literally – the door ‘host’ looked us each up and down over the barrier and then said ‘how many of ‘you lot’ are there’. She was rude. Unbelievably and after being shunned out of the queue another group of 3 black girls and a black guy were then told they were ‘not on the guest list’ either.

I guess it’s hard for them to determine by NAME who is black and who isn’t when people are making booking. So they simply lie to you at the door instead.

I am asking people please DO NOT invest their money in clubs that run this way.

To add insult to injury – we were all dressed as their dress code outlines however a white gentleman who had on CONVERSE (white ones that were high tops) WHICH GOES AGAINST there dress code; He was allowed to go in despite them even saying no at first. He was white enough to bend the rules.

BAMBU didn’t just loose customers tonight it has lost customers forever. and no maybe our little contribution won’t make a dent in their business or their profits but it doesn’t matter. It’s the principle.

We didn’t kick off. We simply walked away and spent our money elsewhere.

BAMBU you are a disgrace. Especially to a multi cultural city like Birmingham. Your door host was a shambles, she isn’t a very good liar and quite frankly was a bit of a b***h.

So do NOT go to BAMBU IN Birmingham. I am asking promoters, DJ, friends and anyone else who may be darker than an Essex fake tan to AVOID BAMBU!! Spend your hard earned money elsewhere and have a lovely evening. Please share if you can…

I debated for a while whether to even post, is it worth it? No one cares. I won’t make a difference BUT you know what? I will. I will say something because it wasn’t fair. It was disgraceful, discrimination and unfair. So please share or tell someone to tell someone else.
Another club to add to the avoid list!!!

It’s definitely worth posting Jess! Since posting last week Gregory’s post has gone viral and been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, where Bambu released the following statement denying any wrongdoing.

Nice try, but there is quite a bit of documentation on the discrimination that has happened at this place.

Hit the flip to see some evidence of racism, more from Jess Gregory and other reactions from social media.




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