Are You Feeling This Get-Up?

- By Bossip Staff

Thicky-kins and her cankles hit up the NYC last night. Since when does Ashanti wear barbie babydoll dresses and silver Mary Janes. WTF? She needs to get back on it and fast or Nelly’s gonna be looking for her replacement

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  • told you so

    she cute. the outfit is probabaly some play on what she has to wear for The Wiz

  • Dr.Winkie

    she looks pretty.

  • Hannibal


  • tweety

    i think its cute!

  • Kierah

    She’s in the Wiz! Silver slippers, hello!

  • Nonya

    Duh, she’s playing Dot in The Wiz!

  • Dina

    Cankles are bit fat ankles that mesh with the calves, a combination of the words “calves” and “ankles.” Ashanti has very clearly defined ankles so I’m not sure who’s writing this rot but they need to see an eye doctor. As for her dress, she looks lovely. Are ya’ll jealous and wanting Nelly for yourselves or something? Is the is the perez site?

  • candy

    She looks pretty as usual. Stop hating. For real.

  • mojojojo

    we dont need no hatoration nor hollaration in this dancery!!

  • Funny!

    She looks beautiful and how you going to talk about her ankles, hell did you see beyawnce’s ankles on the post yesterday biotch look like she had some water weight gain going on in her ankles.

  • Menominee_Nation

    mojojojo hit the nail on the head, thank you. im laughin my azz off in my office now! ashanti has and always will be a gorgeous woman, i dont get it.

  • http://Bossip Saywhite

    Ashanti is obviously performing somewhere with a costume and character or tap shoes. Just a little investigation goes a long way and doesn’t make the writer sound stupid or hateful.


    *obviously <—should have read

  • Long Dae

    That is the outfit she wears in the Wiz!!

  • hey girl

    That’s a cute dress… my 12 year old daughter has a similar one… she’s playing Dorothy in the wiz maybe she wants to keep the innocnt look she looks pretty

  • knottmyhair

    that’s that black Dorthy off the “Wizard Of Oz”.

  • RealiTee

    Ya’ll the reason why so many young brown and black girls grow up hating their own refletion in the mirror. Stop endorsing self hatred!

  • BI

    That is her exact outfit from the wiz. I saw it last weekend. STFU

  • Lady Shady

    that’s the wiz outfit idiots!

  • Carla

    Ashanti doesn’t have cankles ! Her legs are fine the way they are. At least she’s not anerexic, lol…

  • cocofaitem


  • cocofaitem


  • Honey Beauty

    Ashanti looks beautiful.

  • Elana

    Beautiful young lady. Nice legs. Beyonce has nice legs.

  • jameelah

    DUH its her dorothy custom from The Wiz. cross promotion!!!

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