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Why are people STILL doing this???

South Carolina Sheriff Wears Bob Marley Costume

A southern sheriff has issued an apology after she wore a Bob Marley costume this Halloween complete with a dreadlocks wig, a t-shirt and black makeup on her face.

The Gaston Gazette reports:

A Gaston County Sheriff’s captain is apologetic after a photo surfaced in which her face is painted black as part of her Bob Marley costume for Halloween.

Her boss, as well as a local NAACP leader, both said the woman’s intention is more important than the offense she might have caused.

Capt. Melanie Thornburg said she never intended to offend anyone, and that if she knew someone might have taken offense, she would’ve thought better of painting her face black.

“I didn’t do it out of disrespect,” she said. “And I apologize to anyone that took offense.”

Thornburg said she was in a pinch for a Halloween costume to wear to a party over the weekend. She already had a dreadlock wig and a shirt with the word “High” written in tie-dye, so Bob Marley was her best option, Thornburg said.

Throwing on some black paint in an effort to look more like the reggae icon was the last step in her transformation.

“I wouldn’t have ever tried to mock anyone,” she said.

And Thornburg said if she knew the history of blackface or that someone might have taken offense, she “definitely never” would have donned the face paint.

SMH…if she was in such a pinch for a costume, why even waste time putting on the blackface????

What do YOU think about this latest bit of Halloween blackface????



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