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Beyonce And Jay Z Think Blue Ivy May Be A Math And Musical Genius

Just because Beyoncé can’t rea Nvm.

Astonishing and remarkable that Blue Ivy Carter is… Apparently Beyonce and Jay Z’s wonder child is being prepared for aptitude testing because she is showing some exceptional math skills for her age… Like being able to add 1+1!

According to OK! Magazine reports:

Blue Ivy Carter has definitely made her mark at her school, with her daily motorcade which has left other parents of the elite preschool upset, but she’s also got the brains! An insider told exclusively that proud parents Beyonce and Jay Z have been boasting loudly about their daughter’s very impressive intellect and believe she’s a genius!

The 3-year-old, who attends a prestigious school in Hollywood, has been excelling in music, which comes as no surprise since her famous parents are hip-hop royalty. She is “showing an understanding of octaves and major/minor keys,” the source said.

But that’s not all! Blue Ivy is also “showing very early signs of being a mathematic genius,” according to the insider.

“It was always a possibility as a lot of kids with innate musical talent are good at math too,” the source explained.

Jay and Bey have been so blown away, the source said, of Blue’s ability to count and read numbers at just 3 years old!

“Last month she was able to add up 1+1 and 1+2,” the insider added. “It’s incredible for a child her age.”

And since Blue is so bright, her doting parents want the best for her and are “having her tested for early signs of genius,” the insider revealed.

“Bey thinks she’s got more talent in her little finger than her and Jay together,” the source said.

Is it just us or do Jay and Bey need to watch a little more Sesame Street?


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