Simmons Sisters Put Their Pastry Cakes On Display

- By Bossip Staff

Vanessa and Angela Simmons launched their new Pastry clothing line, Pastry Capsule. They unveiled their new line for Macy’s. Never mind the horse hair; look at the cakes on young Angela. SMH

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  • DizzyGuy

    They are very pretty and I am so glad that they are doing well. Eventhough their dad and uncle helped them they have taken control of fashion for young girls everywhere…and Macys is a step in the right direction. WAY TO GO GIRLS!!! These are great role models for girls of all colors.

  • The Diva

    I love these two sisters!!!

  • JUDY

    They look really cute.

  • anon09

    They appear to be genuinely “good” young ladies. Good for them. We need more young women reppin’ like the Simmons sisters.

  • Nigga Said

    I must smash these two at the same time. I must!!!

  • wtfever

    Love them, wish them the best. Beautiful girls

  • Ms. Super Bitch

    while her cakes may be nice, da shoes are busted! n wzup wit all dat pink brastrap hangin out. TRAMPISH!

  • CandyKANNE

    I need to know where to get those shoes Angela has on!! Killer. I love them both 😉 I think D3y do a great job of falling victim to what “Executive’s” think is good publicity!

  • CandyKANNE

    Sorry. NOT Falling Victim! {typo}

  • TonTeezy

    “horse hair”?…was that the best you could come up with. stop the hate!

  • DDub (I'm pretty much right about everything)

    Damn. They’re almost like the black Olsen twins. On another note, Angela gets more fine the older she gets. She should hit her stride by 30.

  • dayg715

    LOVELOVELOVE Angela’s shoes!!!!

  • Rock Witchu

    great. the glorification of two more spoiled rich brats with everything handed to them on a silver platter. SMH.

  • Tuesday's Child

    Kudos and their accomplishments. Love to see young women getting theirs. However, for Angela to have such a baby face, the outfit is waaay left field. It’s banging, but looks EXTRA trashy for a photo shoot that’s promoting sneakers to young girls. It’s a nightclub outfit and should’ve been kept on the rack for the appropriate occasion.

  • hey now!

    angela can not dress, AT ALL!

  • Tr8

    Angela is so cute. She’s awesome.

  • Kp

    I love these women they are awesome!!! I cant wait until I get back right man ima b pastry all day!!

  • angeltouchmi

    I would like to know the name of the shoes the chick on the right is wearing. Those are the bomb.


  • d303

    one of them needs a sandwich…looks like keisha whitaker….yuck – not

  • Hi Haters!

    Beautiful black women making great career moves!

  • Bianca

    Lovin the dress Angela sans the pink bra… If you wanted pink so bad you should have added a pink extension or something.


    y does it look like her dress is falling off.

  • http://msn THa roc best

    I would love to be in a three some with both of them.

  • Puffy

    I think the one in the pants looks great and classy but the one in the dress loosk trashy, not good.



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