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Donald Trump Didn’t Donate To Nonprofit Charities After 9/11

Donald Trump is running for president but has the loud-mouthed contender helped his own city of NYC following the 9/11 terrorist attacks??

According to The Smoking Gun the billionaire businessman, did not make a single charitable donation to any of the not-for-profit groups that provided aid to survivors, rescue workers, or the families of cops and firemen who tragically died, IRS records show.

While business moguls raced to write seven-figure checks and schoolchildren emptied their piggy banks, Trump’s charitable foundation–the vehicle through which the Republican presidential candidate’s philanthropy trickles–apparently did not feel the need or responsibility to offer such financial help.

Trump, who frequently reminds the public that he is worth TEN BILLION DOLLARS, is president of the Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation, which the developer founded nearly 30 years ago.

The group’s annual tax returns–the most recent of which was filed in late-2014, offer insights into Trump’s philanthropy, as well as the 69-year-old businessman’s aversion to personally funding his eponymous foundation. Unlike most financial proclamations emanating from “The Donald,” the IRS records are not subject to the inflationary whim for which Trump is famous.

So, did Donald donate anything after 9/11???

Since 2001, the Trump foundation’s tax returns contain a single donation that is identifiable with a 9/11 charity. In 2006, Trump gave $1000 to a controversial Scientology program that administered treatment to firemen who inhaled toxins while working on the World Trade Center pile. The New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, co-founded by actor Tom Cruise, relied on a “Purification Rundown” invented by L. Ron Hubbard, the crackpot founder of Scientology.

In recent campaign interviews, Trump–who has long delighted in viciously denigrating opponents and critics–has sought to portray himself as a candidate who cares.

“I think I have a bigger heart than all of them,” Trump told Bloomberg TV as a preclude to noting that, “the World Trade Center came down” while George W. Bush was president. Trump last month assured The New York Times Magazine that he was the kind of person who could lead and comfort citizens in the wake of tragedies and disasters. Empathy, Trump claimed, “will be one of the strongest things about Trump.” He added, “When I’m in that position, when we have horrible hurricanes, all kinds of horrible things happen, you’ve got to have empathy.”

Donald is the only loser here!!!




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