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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Kiki Shephard sashaying around the stage on It’s Showtime at the Apollo. She attended the Top Money Makers in Hollywood pre-Oscar celebration in Beverly Hills last night. Good old Kiki looks exactly the same.

More images from that event:

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  • Southern Belle 225

    KiKi Shepperd needs to go back to where they found her. Her whole ensamble is wrong. Where is Cheryl Lee Ralph going with all that purple on? Lookin like Gremis (the purple people eater)

  • Southern Belle 225

    5. Ruby Dee has been rocking some very stylish glasses lately!






  • Milio

    someone drinks too much coffee……..

  • Milio

    It should say when the checks stop coming in

  • let em know!

    Dear Lisa-Raye,


    thank you,

    ur dear friends and fans of Diamond.

  • Traydayz

    Ki Ki shepard is 57 years old and looks just fine to me. She needs a little tooth brightener is all. I am loving Tia’s shoes!

  • dayg715

    ageless. kiki sheperd looks FABULOUS. only a hater would disagree.

  • Hazelnut

    Tia – flawless!

    Ruby Dee – beautiful!

    Taraji – always “not quite right”…

    Sheryl Lee – a mess….

  • let em know!

    What in the red-flame-silken hell is Della Reese wearing?

    She looks like a broke down Mrs. Clause…smh

  • TeeTee

    ruby dee .. go old lady! as for star jones, she is an inspiration to my fat behind! i mean, i’m not going to get gastric bypass but to think that she actually reduced all that fat! i just never thought she could lose weight – she did! she gives me much hope! where’s ‘how you doin’ al?

  • Raven

    Why do the older women (as we’ve seen Aretha do too) insist on wearing dead, cute, furry animals across their backs? Dammit, it ain’t cute, and it don’t make you no cuter!

    Henry Simmons looks like a wax figure from Madame Tussauds: unreal.

    Tia has too much concealer under her eyes. Damn, almost all of these women’s make-up are jacked up. Who put these women’s make-up on? White people? They’re all so f’ing wrong. Someone hire Oprah’s ‘itch, Reggie, STAT!

  • bree

    can coffee really stain your 3 teeth that way? or are those 3 teeth rotting?

  • truself

    damn kiki got to be pushing 70. i wish I look as good at 70

  • Celebrity CSI

    Tia looks pretty…not overdone…not too much makeup or HAIR and fairly simple. Perfect.

  • cogic man

    Ruby Dee is sooooooooo beautiful I love her.Tia is A Bad Girl.I don’t know Simone but she’s cute too!!.star is looking better

  • bree

    and does anyone know if Ruby Dee has a speech impediment? or maybe an illness? asking because she had trouble saying her acceptance speech at the NAACP Image Awards

  • Bird

    Kiki looks great. Tia and her dress are fabulous! I love her shoes for the office, but not really for formalwear.

  • Stringer Bell

    For real! Lisa Raye wears more white than jesus!…wear a different color already.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    look at the tits on beverly…i wanna pipe that olda sista

    because i respect her

  • Fabulous

    Kiki Shepard, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Beverly Todd; looks like the old guards came out for this shindig.

  • Fabulous


    LMAO!!! He is kinda fine though.

  • Sarafina


    LMAO Im so mad you called Lisa Raye “Diamond”. Can somebody please tell me what is up with that Sanchez guy’s hairline? Is this a new style. I know some people have the “eddie munster” point but damn.

    Evryone else looks great (except for Sheryl’s outfit)


  • Sarafina

    @Stringer Bell

    I think white is her signature color now…not sure.

  • NotoriousOne

    Why Star Jones always look like she about to tip the fugg over head first???

    Tia, Lisa Raye, Vanessa Williams, Salli, Simone…DAYYYUMM, all ‘em sistas look FOINE!

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