The Real Ghetto Queens of the ATL are Back Yall

- By Bossip Staff

We hate to admit it but we love us some ghetto trash mess like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. We can’t get enough of watching broke down, bougieghetto @ss women who drive around in rented luxury cars while they’re secretly gettin’ evicted for credit card fraud and other triflin’ ish.

Just when you thought the Real Housewives drama was ending — after New Jersey’s table-turning finale — Bravo has announced that The Real Housewives of Atlanta will return for its second season on July 30 (10 p.m., ET).

Returning this year are aspiring country singer Kim Zolciak, entrepreneur Lisa Wu Hartwell, the outspoken NeNe Leakes and budding fashion designer Sheree Whitfield.

Meanwhile, Kandi Burruss, a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and former member of Xscape, will join the mix, becoming the official fifth castmate, replacing DeShawn Snow.

According to the network, the newest Housewife’s storyline will involve balancing wedding planning, writing and recording a new album as a solo artist and being a mom. Burruss is friends with Wu Hartwell.

As for the veterans, Bravo notes that upcoming Atlanta episodes will document the development of Whitfield’s She by Sheree fashion line and her dating life, Zolciak’s life after breaking up with beau “Big Poppa,” and Leakes’s upcoming self-help book for women.

Wonder how Kandi is going to fit in with these drama queens? She seems like a real businesswoman compared to the rest of these tricks. Should make for some good television.


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  • Tina

    Ladies all like to join _____Meet Wealthy com_____. I really do not know why? Just cuz many wealthy men and celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?

  • I'm Just ME

    Oh LAWD!

  • I'm Just ME

    Kandi. Let’s see how this plays out.

    Get Tiny on there too. Oh wait, she isn’t a wife, just a Baby Momma. Does that count?

  • The Butcher

    Why do the Black women have to be Ghetto? Why didn’t they find REAL rich Black women for this series?

  • Journey

    I guess eShaun was not ghetto or messy enough to make it the second season. Sad, oh well.

  • L

    I am also a fan of this show…I will be tuning in…I hope Sheree will ne on so I can laugh at her miserable self…she’s a mess.

  • Chocolate Thunder

    @The Butcher

    Why do the Black women have to be Ghetto? Why didn’t they find REAL rich Black women for this series?

    You speak truth and I agree… But ain’t gon lie and say I ain’t been waiting for these crazy fools to put some chocolate drama up the screen.

  • Ieshia


  • SexxyILove

    what about that white trash turning over tables and crap. Im with everyone else now. Who is running this site? Yall quick to degrade a black woman. bet yall look like shit

  • CocoaFaitem

    I thought most of them were broke anyway…accept for the chinese one… It makes sense that they kicked out the only housewife who wasn’t in that show acting an ass. Classy may be boring but its more respectable…these ladies are a joke…

  • CocoaFaitem

    By the Way… why the HELL does Tiny and Lil Wayne Ex have their own show coming up? Being “famous” for getting knocked up by some rapper, OH EM GEE, how lame. And I don’t know what type of hold Tiny has on T.I., she must got that good good, because she is horrendous

  • eHeart

    @ The Butcher, @ Journey – What constitutes being “ghetto”? And, do you meet your own definition of ghetto? Just wondering. . .

  • BK

    You know Lisa is not going to want to be outdone by Theresa she was just talking about flipping something last season, so now she has to bring it on. Fully expect one of them to pull kims wig off because as we see they all gang up on the not so popular ones to make themselves feel better. Kim probably still has the 168k they made in her pocketbook and the rest are brainstorming how to get a 300K raise after blowing through their earnings

  • bianca

    There is nothing trashy about these women. Some of the Real housewives of NJ were lunatic flipping tables over and one had even been arrested and linked to all types of crimes. But its ok because theyre Italians and organized crime is whats up. GTFOH. The real housewives of NJ were some gangsters. And for all you silly asses thinking gangster is a positive term its not.

  • cece

    the real housewives of NJ is the best that I have seen thus far. Atlanta better step it up!!! The are throwing up real money……

  • Daphne

    @ The Forbidden Fruit

    1000% Cosign!! Great summer tv, the trashier the better!

  • suga

    Everybody stay tuned!!!!!!!!!! DON’T BE TARDY FOR THE PARTY!!!!!!!

  • L

    LOL @ Uzipolo…good post.

  • PAM

    I am totally convinced this site is WHITE owed.

  • Octavia

    While I loved the ATL season (by far the most entertaining) BRAVO is dead wrong for how they cast it. Is it that hard to find 1) real housewives 2) with money 3) that are black?

    They managed to find white ones in every other season… then they dropped Deshawn for no f*cking reason when she was the only one who really fit the description of the show (Lisa is still suspect due to her hubby’s contract issues).

  • mieranda

    Why are you calling these ladies ghetto… You are so disrepectful and that is so racist. You call them ghetto becasue they are black. Why did you say anything about the New Jersey,New York or California being ghetto.. these women are all guilty of the same ignorance’s each show has akk the same characters but you call the black women ghetto, that’s racist, dismissive and disrespectful. You just lost me as one of your loyal viewers.

  • I can't say...

    I can’t wait!! The Real Housewives of NJ was slow and boring, didnt pick up until the last episode.


    @ uzipolo-king of decatur

    I like your post. Keep the info coming! But seriously, Mrs. Hartwell is a DIKE?? Who knew?!

  • Its6amHoGetOut, Goin' To L.A. tomorrow morning for the BET afterparties and Vegas, I'll let you know about any deep south niggas gettin' robbed for fake jewelry!

    Bye all, i gotta finish projects before vacation, enjoy your chat.

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