Cops Kill People: 2 Louisiana Cops Who Killed Autistic 6-Year-Old Jeremy Mardis Charged With Murder

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2 Officers Who Shot And Killed Jeremy Mardis Arrested For Murder

Yesterday we brought you guys the disturbing story of Jeremy Mardis who was shot in the head and chest by 2 Louisiana police officers while they attempted to serve his father, Chris Few, an arrest warrant.

The cops’ initial story was that Few rammed their patrol cars in an attempt to flee the scene and thus, they “had” to open fire on his vehicle. However, the facts of the shooting prove otherwise according to CBSNews, and the cops have switched up their story…

The coroner in Avoyelles parish says he was initially told by a crash scene investigator that city marshals were pursuing the driver because of an outstanding warrant, but Louisiana state police say they cannot find any warrant for Few, reports CBS News’ David Begnaud.

According to the Marksville Police Department, Few led four law enforcement officers on a short pursuit Tuesday night and stopped on a dead-end road.

“The initial statement to my investigators was that the vehicle was backing up, they feared for their lives and they started firing,” said Col. Michael Edmonson, head of the Louisiana State Police, which is leading the investigation.

CBS News has learned that the law enforcement officers fired as many as 18 rounds at the SUV.

“There were a lot of shots fired that night and they were coming in one direction. There’s nothing for us that indicates that any fire came from that SUV,” Edmonson said. “There was no weapon found in that SUV.”

Subsequently, the officers involved (who appear to be “of color”) have been placed in cuffs quickly according to CNN, most likely to avoid any public uprising. Looks like the death of a young white child elicits an expeditious response from law enforcement…

Two police officers have been arrested in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy this week in Louisiana, authorities said.

Jeremy Mardis was hit by five bullets in the head and chest as the officers pursued his father’s car Tuesday, according to CNN affiliate WAFB.

His father, Chris Few, is hospitalized.

“Jeremy Mardis, 6 years old; he didn’t deserve to die like that,” Louisiana State Police Col. Michael Edmonson said.

Officers Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Stafford were charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder following the shooting in Marksville.

After viewing the body cam footage, Col. Edmonson said this:

“We took some of the body cam footage. I’m not gonna talk about it, but I’m gonna tell you this — it is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen and I will leave it at that.”

We knew yesterday that something just wasn’t right about the story these cops were trying to sell. But we also can’t help but notice the glaring difference in how Col. Edmonson spoke out against his fellow officers in this case and how tight-lipped and defensive most law enforcement officials have been when it comes to cases where white officers have killed black boys and girls…

R.I.P. Jeremy Mardis.

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