LiveSteez Lounge: Mario: “There Are No Comparisons”

- By Bossip Staff

Mario is no longer that cute lil’ boy dancing and romancing the girls. He’s got his grown man on now and he’s back on the music scene with a new single “Break Up” and a new album, And Then There Was Me.

Check out his response to the allegations that Trey Songz released a “diss record” directed towards him:

LiveSteez:There was an industry rumor that Trey Songz put out a diss record towards you. Any truth to that? (Editor’s note: Trey re-recorded ‘Break Up’)
Mario: I heard the record that Trey Songz did, and I didn’t hear a diss in it. I didn’t take anything personal. Trey does that all the time. He’s gets on records that are hot, that he may wish were his, but they aren’t. And he puts them out.

LiveSteez: If he was to put out a diss record what would be your response?
Mario: I’ve been doing this for a minute and I don’t put myself in the same lane as Trey or anybody else. I feel like I have my own lane. If I really wanted to, I could shut a lot of guys down, vocally. I don’t put myself in a position to even allow them to occupy my mental space. I don’t like to be compared. I’ve done what Trey has done already. His new single is, ‘I Need a Girl’, right’? I did that record two years ago. more



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