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Brooklyn Rapper Talks Milly Rock’s Origins And Reveals The Major Advice Travis Scott Gave Him

Move over Bobby Shmurda, there’s a new dance craze borne out of Brooklyn that’s sweeping social media.

Thousands of people – including Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Rihanna – have uploaded videos of themselves doing the “Milly Rock,” and 2 Milly, the rapper behind the dance craze, said the song is all about his life and style. He said he’d been performing the dance for years at shows but only recently decided to name it the Milly Rock.
“Milly Rock is a 100 percent me track,” 2 Milly told BOSSIP. “That was all me. I really didn’t look elsewhere.”

2 Milly released the single on iTunes last week, and it made the iTunes top 200 song chart. And with “Milly Rock” being the most added single on urban radio last week, the tune is poised to go mainstream.

In the song, the 25-year-old raps about repping his block, Gates Avenue in Bed-Stuy, rocking Polo gear, Milly Rocking atop cars, and in one instance dancing for four days straight.
“That was all real life,” he said, and part of a strategy his rap mentors Maino and Travis $cott advised him to do.

“Be yourself, just be yourself,” 2 Milly said they told him. “They said the game will try to change you, people will try to change you, try to make you into what they want you to be.”

2 Milly hopes to use the song’s success to introduce his rap collective, the Stack Paper crew, to the world with a mixtape around Christmastime.
“I’m not the only one in my camp,” he said. “It’s not just 2 Milly, Milly Rock. It’s a group of us.”

Jennifer H. Cunningham



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