Tameka’s BFF: “She Didn’t Know Usher Wanted a Divorce. It was a Total Surprise!”

- By Bossip Staff

Tameka’s BFF decided to drop a dime on her girl about the divorce and the liposuction surgery in Brazil. Pop the top for more

Breaking up is never easy, especially in the public eye. The most recent celebrity couple to join love on the battlefield is Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond. Since their friendship blossomed into a romance, the couple’s relationship was under intense public scrutiny and Usher fans and bloggers often balked at his decision to make Tameka—a longtime friend and stylist—his wife and mother of his children. ESSENCE.com sat down with Tameka’s friend of 20-plus years Nyeisha DeWitt, an educator and doctoral candidate, to set the record straight on all the rumors and why she’s fed up with the blogosphere painting an ugly picture of her BFF.

ESSENCE.COM: Many are probably wondering why you’re choosing to speak now after Tameka endured a hailstorm of criticism for years.
NYEISHA DEWITT: Let me first say that I hope Tameka and Usher can salvage things as a couple. I’ve known Tameka since I was in middle school and she was in high school, and we’ve been friends since. It’s not that I have to defend her or speak on her behalf as if she’s done something wrong, but I simply want people to know everything they read about her isn’t true. It hurts me to read the lies that people write and say about her.

ESSENCE.COM: Is it true she first learned that Usher filed for divorce after reading about it?
DEWITT: She didn’t know that he was going to file. Of course, she knew that there were challenges in their relationship and had been some discord since March and was aware there were some things that needed to be worked through. But did she know that divorce was imminent? No. It was a total surprise.

ESSENCE.COM: To your knowledge, is it true that they’ve been separated for the past year?
DEWITT: That’s not true and there’s proof of that if people would take the time to do their research. I was at her birthday party that he hosted in Las Vegas last January and he flew in all of her family and close friends to celebrate. When I read that people were reporting they’d been separated for a year I’m thinking, That’s insane!, because that would mean he left her when she was two months pregnant with Naviyd, and Usher Raymond, V, was only five months old.

ESSENCE.COM: Was Tameka also caught off guard by the images of Usher and Def Jam’s Grace Miguel?
DEWITT: I don’t know what it is or isn’t. What I admire about Tameka is that, despite all the gossip, she isn’t bitter or hardened by it. I don’t know how she does it especially with children [from a previous relationship] old enough to read the lies that are written. It’s like having to keep your hands at your side while someone repeatedly punches you in your face.

ESSENCE.COM: Despite owning her business and a successful career as a stylist, Tameka is often perceived as a gold digger. Why is that?
DEWITT: I have no idea. I know how hard she worked to build her business. She was pulling in at least a quarter of a million dollar salary working with Usher, Lauryn Hill and others, so to negate her personal success as an entrepreneur is wrong. After marriage she chose to be a mother and wife and focus on doing more charity work.

ESSENCE.COM: Is it true she flew to Brazil to have liposuction and subsequently went into cardiac arrest during surgery?
DEWITT: Yes, she went to Brazil with friends but decided to have the surgery on a whim. And yes, she did go into cardiac arrest but she never had the surgery. What she had was an allergic reaction to the anesthesia which prevented her from going through with the surgery.

ESSENCE.COM: Do you think she still loves him?
DEWITT: You’re married until the divorce is official. Just because she’s going through this process doesn’t mean that the loyalty and love she has for him is gone. It would be dishonest to say that she doesn’t still love him and isn’t hurting. Again, the idea that people are excited to see her in pain and going through this with her children is so beyond my comprehension. These bloggers talk about her as if she has personally harmed them. They don’t know the woman I know, and to discredit her as a mom or wife is insane. My hope is that people will not rejoice in anyone’s failed marriage and allow Usher and Tameka to go through their process privately.

Tameka knows that things were bad before they even got off the ground. What did she expect? The writing was on the wall.


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  • charmingme22

    2nd and third

  • http://www.joetheplugger.com Manuel

    Da Queen of denial.

    wake up Tammy!!!!!

  • charmingme22

    well third

  • Nih(Fellow Houstonian)

    WOW, let her speak for her self. Oh well in other news……………….


    Top 10!!

  • papillon

    that’s really sad…too bad for her i dont think hell be back…

  • breeee.

    did i miss something?

    when a man moves out for a year, and is rarely ever seen with you, it usually means he’s about to divorce you. i hope tameka uses some of that child support money/alimony (because you know she aint leavin without it) to buy herself a clue.

    and where did this homegirl come from? she needs to return to her corner.

  • Oh Yeah!

    Karma is a Bit**! She left her husband and 3 boys to be with Usher now he left her azz!

  • Pharaoh


  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahjames1983 Souljagir

    I personally don’t know the chick but it’s betrayal to me for him to the divorcer after she gave him 2 son’s1 Hell or High Waters he for no other reason then for their children should be fighting tooth and nail for a dual parented home, the best thing a husband/father/man can do is love their children’s mother and lastly HONOR their vows and the rest would have fallen in place. No it isn’t easy but damn it life isn’t easy, quitting is for Pu$$y’s. Whether yall like her or not I feel the girls pain!

  • Whaaaa

    Wait, wait, wait! So, you can just decide to go pick up a liposuction while you are shopping in another freakin country???? Could somebody tell her that is serious surgery.

  • InfinitM45 (Leave the autotune to TPAIN)

    She didn’t know?…Bwhahahaha! Co-sign with Manuel.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahjames1983 Souljagir

    By the way they say that they’ll leave the same way they coe in if in fact it was either of them leaving a vurrent relationship to be together.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahjames1983 Souljagir

    By the way they say that they’ll leave the same way they coe in if in fact it was either of them leaving a current relationship to be together.

  • Glok9n: Lev 20:13


  • Whaaaa

    Awe, dang….they almost had me! Nobody decides to have MAJOR SURGERY in another country just on a whim. I almost believed that lie, along with I had no idea he was going to divorce me after we have lived on opposites ends of America for a year while we were having some problems to work out!

  • Me No Likey "When Bossip is on some Bullshit"

    A true BFF would never put your business in the street. The best thing Tameka can do, is to quietly get the best lawyer possible and shut her mouth altogether.

  • Lisa Vee

    Trying to figure out the thought process…Shall i go to lunch or have plastic surgery…hhhhmmmmm?

  • Shay

    what kinda friend is she? she just putting all their business out…sad!

  • Aww Man...


  • http://bossip miss dior

    Delusional and Pathetic, move on, don’t understand why some women can’t face facts.

  • missunderstood

    @Souljagir – SHE left a husband she already had 3 babies with, She should’ve been worrying about ‘hell or high water’ before Usher. So you are right – the same way you come in, is the same way you go out, at least in this case. Now she’s stuck with FIVE kids and neither man…. it’s been said a million times, but that’s karma, I believe that….

  • v-fromrock

    Plastic surgery on a whim????? I wouldn’t want her to be my mom.

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