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According to local WMC Action News, law enforcement in Laurel, Miss. is cracking down on citizens wearing baggy pants. So far, the town’s police department is set to put this call to action in motion by posting signs in public places that red, “Pull up your pants,” and “No one wants to see your underwear.” Police Chief Officer Tyrone Stewart told WMC the style the cities younger residents deem as cool or popular is “disturbing because that’s something these young people should have learned that home.”… And the repercussions for those seen wearing baggy pants in the town? If one is seen wearing pants three inches below his/her waist, it will be considered indecent exposure and in violation of Mississippi state code.

Did You Know You Can Have A Sext Addiction?

For the average person, sexting is the go-to when your partner is not at arm’s length. It can help increase intimacy and even allow you to become more comfortable with your own sexuality. However, like all good things, sexting can become addictive. In a report about how the erotic pastime can control a person’s life, Broadly followed a nursing student named Sarah who has sexted hundreds of men. She even revealed that there were weekends where she didn’t leave the house because she spent the entire time masturbating… Although the idea of no longer sexting gives Sarah anxiety, the media contact for Sex Addicts Anonymous told Broadly, online sex addictions can make people lose their jobs, flunk out of their academic programs and find themselves in debt. He also noted many sex addicts hardly invest in real-life romantic relationships because their sexting relationships engulf them.

Google Lets You Choose Light Or Dark Side Star Wars Themes

Are you down with the Light Side or the Dark Side of The Force? Google is letting you display your allegiance across its platforms (GMail, Google Maps, Chrome, etc.) Clearly, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has more marketing money than a little bit. Reports Gizmodo: The tweaks to Google apps include new Gmail backgrounds, a YouTube progress that looks like a light saver, a Maps positions marker that resembles a TIE fighter or X-Wing, and a bunch more subtle tweaks in Chrome, Translate, Chromecast and the like. We prefer the dark side, though we’re not sure what it says about us. Guaranteed fun, for at least a few minutes… Wisely, you must choose, right here.

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