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Charlie Sheen Allegedly In Explicit Video With Another Man

Charlie Sheen already has enough trouble on his plate with his new announcement of being HIV-positive. Noe, despite the fact that he says his HIV levels are so low that it’s undetectable, he’s being accused of spreading another STD across the Hollywood Hills.

Apparently, a videotape has surfaced of Sheen showing an unidentified man what that mouth do in between puffs on a crack pipe. The recording was originally thought to be at the center of a lawsuit the actor was facing, alleging that he lured the man in question into a sexual situation and knowingly spread the herpes virus to him. Via RadarOnline:

They show the drugged-up former “Two and a Half Men” star smoking a crack cocaine pipe and performing fellatio on a male lover.

In a bombshell world exclusive, Radar can reveal that at least three videos were recorded of the thrice married father-of-five. The clips last about 30 seconds and depict Sheen smiling on cameras as he brazenly indulges in the illegal drug.

Once high, the Tinseltown train-wreck seduces his male companion before pleasuring the individual with a hardcore sex act.

A source told Radar the videos were recorded in Nevada in 2011.

However, a lawyer for Sheen stepped out and let everyone know that the freaky flicks in question have nothing to do with this whole herpes case…

The attorney in the lawsuit, Keith Davidson, just contacted Radar and provided the following statement. “The alleged video that you purportedly reviewed has nothing to do with the above referenced lawsuit which was filed and subsequently dismissed more than five years ago,” he said, adding, “Though there was video evidence involved in the aforementioned case, that video evidence did not come close to portraying what you have described. Furthermore there was but one copy of that case related video evidence. That sole copy of the video evidence was irretrievably destroyed.”

Hmmm…so he says the freaky guy-on-guy video in question was destroyed — but the people over at Radar saw SOMETHING. Either way, pretty explosive news. Charlie is surely going to have it rough the next few months with everyone coming out of the woodwork with his dirty laundry…



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