L’Oreal: “We Don’t Want Black Women Selling Our Cosmetics”

- By Bossip Staff

We hate to hear things like this. Whenever major companies make statements like this, we need to ban together and boycott them. L’Oreal may whore Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington for their cosmetics and hair care products but we as consumers don’t have to buy their bullsh*t.

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French cosmetics giant, L’Oreal, who has hired Beyonce and other African-American personalities to front their products is in hot water. It’s ok for us to peddle their products but not ok for us to work behind the scenes. The highest court in France determined that executives at Garnier, L”Oreal’s beauty products division, intentionally created an all-White sales teams to promote their shampoos throughout the country, according to TimesOnline.com. Blacks, Asian and Middle Eastern women were hardly ever considered for hostess positions.

In fact, a fax was issued into evidence that requested hostesses must be between 18-22 years old, wear a European size 38-42 and be BBR. Apparently, BBR stands for “bleu, blanc, rouge” or French for “blue, white, red” the colors of their French flag which is also code for white people. This ends a three-year legal battle for the L’Oreal bosses who apparently were “disappointed” by the court’s decision. They will now have to pay 30,000 Euros in fines and another 30,000 in damages.-WLW

With the amount of money our community spends on beauty and hair care products, they should be welcoming black women into their company to help sell their products. SMH


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    1st!! .. Fu*k L’oreal!! My friend used to work for them and said the same thing. I never buy their products.

    • Ciderkiss

      That also means avoiding Lancome and Maybelline products too. They own both of those companies.

  • Golden Goddess

    i won’t buy L’oreal ever again!!

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    I cannot believe this story…this is disturbing! Glad this suit is public and they didn’t try to keep it hush hush

  • http://www.myblackisbeautiful.com Symone

    I don’t wear their products anyway, so they don’t have to worry about this black woman!

  • NOLA

    i think the actresses and entertainers who model for them should step up and say something , but thats too much like right.

    as a whole our black women are more into Mac anyway.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bestsexever CinJin

    Peace out L’Oreal. You won’t get my paper!

  • think it through

    This happened in France, and was executed by French executives. It did not happen with the American division of the company which tells you it is not company policy to promote discrimination. If it were company policy, they would not have hired any person of color.

    Anywho, the products are pretty crappy to begin with, so no boycott needed.

  • frida

    Time to let L’Oreal how I feel about their racist
    business practices. BOYCOTT their products & send them an email telling I am. Hit them in their bank accounts. I’m sure they stop their racist ways that way.
    Gotta go, throwing out all my L’Oreal cosmetics & hair products right NOW!!!
    P.S. They have no trouble raking in our “non-white money”.

  • Lee Lee

    Come one NOLA you know them fools not giving up their stack…and Bey is right on top. She would be pimping for Loreal for years to come.

  • thepromised1

    I hope black people take the queue and quit investing part of the 7 billion a year we spend on personal hygiene and fashion into these bum’s company and if the stars we support don’t stop peddling this garbage and distance themselves then we need to stop purchasing their goods too. MAC products is a good alternative.
    Black ppl stand up RIP MJ.

  • think it through

    And none of you will get far with a boycott anyway because L’Oreal owns all of these brands:

    SoftSheen Carson (boycott that!!)
    Ralph Lauren Beauty
    Shy Emura
    Georgio Armani
    The Boby Shop
    Mizani (Mmm hmm)

    Look for yourself:


  • http://www.twitter.com/IHearMusique Re--->I live in Bilbo Baggin's shirt pocket.

    Aaaah, Loreal was wackness anyway. Never desired to purchase that mess…


  • 303

    i dont think people should get upset about loreal products – and who they choose to promote their line of cosmetics, i think certain product are for a certain race – i mean do you see white models advistizing black cosmetic – we as a ppl make a big deal about simple things – like cosmetic
    if you dont like what they stand for move on buy another products. there more important thing to stand up for in this day and time

  • http://peppermintblowpops.com Trey Tymes

    they always lighten her skin too!!! F L’oreal im glad im a dude i dont need it. check out peppermintblowpops.com

  • Ooops

    This is old news, the ad agencies have had that directive from them for years!!
    Vote with your money peeps move to their competition.

  • mamamia

    FYI: for those of you who say you don’t use L’oreal products, they own a gang of brands that I didn’t even realize until recently including

    Giorgio Armani fragrances
    Ralph Lauren frangrances

    There are a bunch more but I remember those for sure so there’s a lot more boycotting to be done if ppl are really pissed.

  • http://Bossip You feed into this bull crap if you want.

    This cheap product is not good for blacks anyway so who gives a f*ck. Take that cheap as product and shove it up your white ass!


    If you want to honor morals, go with gover girl or Max Factor, Pat McGrath (a sista) is their GLOBAL CREATIVE DIRECTOR…..just a tidbit of info.

  • Nique


    Exactly! There are many different ethnic groups in France who are born and raised there. Although Im sure the executives meant the WHITES

  • Nique


  • think it through

    I worked for MAC. That is not good make-up, sweetheart. It is very cheaply made. Again, look at the products the L’Oreal parent company owns. They make black hair care products (most of the better ones), Mizani and Softsheen.


  • thepromised1

    there goes my obsession with Ralph Lauren cologne out the window, guess I’ll switch to Bvlgari

  • luvadhi

    Are we sure that this did not mean BLOND,BRUNETTE,REDHEAD?????…..as most hair caompanies specify when hiring models for promo events.

  • Me No Likey "is super sad, Hubby must stay in Iraq through July, when he was told June 26th was the end!"

    Please do your research. Loreal owns several smaller brands- so if you intend to boycott make sure you know which products to ignore.

  • HarlemWorld

    Don’t you see how you they lighten Beyonce’s skin hue in her advertisements!!!! I really hate that.

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