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Suspected Burglar Dies In Chimney When Homeowner Lights Fire

A California man has died after trying to sneak into a stranger’s home through the chimney. Things were bad enough when he realized chimneys aren’t exactly big enough to fit people…but matters got WAY worse when the unsuspecting homeowner caught a chill and decided to light a fire…

Via MailOnline:

Police say a suspected burglar died after becoming stuck in the chimney of a California home Saturday afternoon when the unsuspecting homeowner lit a fire.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Pursell said a homeowner in the rural town of Huron heard someone yell after lighting a fire in his fireplace.

Pursell said the homeowner called 911 and also tried to put out the fire as his house began to fill with smoke.

Firefighters who rushed to the chaotic scene used jackhammers to break open the brick chimney in an attempt to rescue the man. However, the suspected burglar, who was not immediately identified, had died during the attempted rescue.

According to KFSN, a preliminary investigation showed that the man had climbed into the chimney sometime overnight to burglarize the home when he became stuck.

A day later, the homeowner lit the fire not knowing that anyone was inside the chimney.

Yikes. We could probably have guessed that it wasn’t the best idea to try to enter a home through the chimney when it’s chilly outside…

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