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During a public rally in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe recently, First Lady Grace Mugabe told thousands of Zanu PF party supporters that women who choose to wear miniskirts are to blame if they’re raped. During the public rally last week she stated, “If you walk around wearing miniskirts displaying your thighs and inviting men to drool over you, then you want to complain when you have been raped? It’s unfortunate because it will be your fault.” First Lady Mugabe then went on to suggest that women have a choice in determining their fate by wearing longer dresses and pants as a preventative measure because miniskirts are “signs of moral decadence in our country.” There has been an increase in rape cases in Zimbabwe. According to statistics obtained by the National AIDS Council, an average of 392 female juveniles were sexually abused monthly in 2014, translating to an average of 13 girls having been raped daily. Considering the serious problem that sexual assault is in Zimbabwe, the First Lady’s remarks have received both widespread criticism, and in some cases, praise…

Creed Makes History With Highest Grossing Opening In Rocky Franchise

Although the Michael B. Jordan-led film, Creed, did not come in at number one at the weekend box office, the boxing drama did experience a victory. According to The Wrap, the Ryan Coogler-directed movie made history with the highest grossing opening in the 39-year-old, six-sequel franchise. The Rocky reboot came in at number 3, racking up a whopping $42.6 million in ticket sales in the first five days and $30.1 million in the first three. Considering that the budget for the MGM/New Line Cinema installment was $35 million, we’d say that the film was pretty successful…

KRS-One: “Trayvon Martin Was Your Cure For Cancer”

The South Bronx Blastmaster was a guest on CNN‘s “Get Political” series where he discussed police brutality, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and much more. The clip opens up with KRS-One illustrating a point that the deaths of Martin and Gray snuffed out their potential for greatness, and with a nickname like “The Teacha,” the lesson got especially deep. “Trayvon Martin was your cure for cancer,” bellowed the man born Lawrence Parker. “Freddie Gray was about to come up with something for planes that when they crash, they never exploded and everybody lives. Had he had a chance to work himself out, he might have come to this conclusion.” KRS then delves into how the crack epidemic of the 80’s came about, just around the same time his career began around 30 years ago…

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