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Zendaya Covers Complex Magazine

Another day, another magazine cover for Zendaya. This time, the socially conscious starlet covers Complex where she talks being wise beyond her years, her biracial identity, and being a role model for teens. When asked what she thought of her role model status, Zendaya channeled the wise words of ‘Pac:

Of course. I think it’s a responsibility, but like Tupac Shakur, I’m a real model. Which means: I’m not pretending to be something that I’m not, because like he said, people are going to be disappointed when they find out who you are, because it’s not going to be what you presented to the world. So just keep it real. I’m a good kid and that’s all.

And when the convo turned to her wild-child former Disney counterpart Miley Cyrus and whether she saw herself getting disturbed sexy all of a sudden, she said she understood, but she’s not going down that road anytime soon:

I think again it’s that real model, role model thing. A lot of them were forced into being role models and they had to pretend to be something that they didn’t feel matched up with who they were. And that’s because they started really, really young. So you’ve got to realize when you’re really young you don’t know who you are yet. And as soon as you figure it out, you’ve already been forced to become something that you didn’t really know you signed up for. So it’s like, I get it. There’s a lot of pressure, so I completely understand. Everyone has their different ways of learning and growing and finding out who they are, and you can’t fault people for that. Again, I think with all the prior Disney stars, at least you can say they are themselves now.

Do you think you’ll have a Miley moment?

No. That’s why I said, in order to avoid those problems just be yourself from the beginning and be honest with the world, because that’s the only thing you can do. There will be no surprises.

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