Code Of The Streets: Triple-OG Chris Brown Refuses To Cooperate With Cops In Robbery Investigation

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Chris Brown Refuses To Help Police Investigate Home Invasion Robbery

The singer-turnt-gangsta known as Chris Brown aka Chris Breezy aka Blood Gang Bhris Brown is putting the streets first and refusing to talk to police in their investigation into his home invasion according to TMZ.

Cops are saying that they need to holla at Gangsta Boogie Brown to get more information about the men the suspect did the robbery, but Chris has gone completely silent.

If you remember, during this robbery Chris’ auntie was held at gunpoint as a hostage while the burglars did their dirt. If nothing else, you’d think that Breezy would want to get justice for her, but alas, he’d rather play a fake azz tough guy wearing all red everything.

Word is that the alleged perpetrators were former “homies” of the Thugnificent Brown. Maybe he’s scared that they’ll come back for him if he’s caught yappin’ to the fuzz.

Thug life, baby. SMH…

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