Exclusive: Ne-Yo Arrested

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

A highly placed source has exclusively snitched to Bossip that Ne-Yo was arrested for reckless driving in Cobb County, Georgia outside of Atlanta.

Hopefully no one behind bars gets a chance to see him and his vaselined up lips.


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  • sho nuff da stuff


  • sho nuff da stuff

    SMH– why is Neyo gripping dat dudes butt like that? I thought he was the bottom one…just sayin

  • http://profile.ak.facebook.com/profile5/27/7/n686566290_8898.jpg Re

    Damnit, I thought I was going to be first…you got me this time, Sho nuff…don’t let me catch you in a dark alley (LOL, kidding)

    Is this a surprise? Non-celebs get charged with this often

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    OH OH..I am sure that he turned a couple of tricks to get off the books!

  • http://profile.ak.facebook.com/profile5/27/7/n686566290_8898.jpg Re

    Oh yeah, how do you get a pic on your gravatar? I’ve tried multiple times and it never works…

  • chrissy snow

    lmao @ sho nuff 2nd comment, and i am sure ne-yo is where he wanna be, dropping the damn soap on purpose with a bullseye on his ass that he put there…..

  • Brookyln, Stand UP!

    That so called woman he is grabbing looks staight up like a MAN, lol!! Come on now. Your a star, WTF is you smokin’ Ne-Yo?

  • Raven

    Aww, I thought he was arrested for coke or something juicy! Hot Damn, someone put that mushy man away a long time. Five years without him on the radio won’t be long enough.

  • sho nuff da stuff

    have you guys noticed that mediafakeout is no longer up and running? what happened?

  • sho nuff da stuff

    RE— go to gravatar.com and follow the prompts…you can set up your email and a picture to accompany it…then when you post under that email address, the picture will pop up automatically. Its quite simple, someone had to enlighten me about it as well….lol

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER


    Depending on where this went down, I might have seen it. I live out chea in C.O.B.B. County, GA.

    For those who don’t know, that stands for Count On Being Busted. Some say it means, “Come On, Black Boy.”

    Get your whip game proper, Ne-Yo!

  • BG


  • Sarafina

    Did you His mug shot on TMZ – crazy his hair line starts at the nape of his neck. OMG

  • http://profile.ak.facebook.com/profile5/27/7/n686566290_8898.jpg Re

    Thanks Sho nuff!

  • Brooklyn Bombshell

    damn.. they always get em.. cant we have 1 artist without a record smh

  • Re

    Just testing this gravatar…

  • ♥Kasey♥

    OMG…..PLEASE stop putting this picture up. That Girl (or guy,whatever it is) is so GROSS. Seriously? Why would she go out in public? Yuck.

  • Brookyln, Stand UP!

    I guess neyo like trannies

  • Re

    ….trying again….

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    OK Ne-Yo. Gettin his thug-lite ON. Hope he aint in there to long. Nicca will be in there gettin spooned.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    …trying once more….

  • Brookyln, Stand UP!

    Bada-pa-pa-pa… He’s lovin’ it!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    I did it!

  • ". .I luv Rap cause it seems earnest. ."--Little Brother

    Damn Ne-Yo!

    Don’t give the media & white hollywood an excuse to take u down. You saw how they did wack ass Akon.

  • ". .I luv Rap cause it seems earnest. ."--Little Brother

    Dang that chick really do look like a man.

    Hey Maybe she’s a crazy fan.Lets not jump to conclusions.

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