Johnny Gill: Why Does Everyone Think I’m Suspect????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Johnny Gill was recently interviewed by V103 in Chitown and he addressed all the gay rumors surrounding his relationship with Eddie Murphy. Click here to listen to the audio.

In honor of Johnny G’s open shirt swag, we have his classic throwback video under the hood

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  • Kenny

    Come on Johnny, Look at the Damn Picture!

  • josie

    walks like a duck………….

  • Lucy

    surely he wasn’t crazy enough to ask that question….



  • Blackkhat

    OH GOSH I GOT ON THE FIRST PAGE LOOL. gay? Johnny? are we behind in the UK? LOL

  • Mona

    i don’t want to listen to the audio..what did he say?

  • Mona

    ..and those jeans look tight as hell.

  • Misty Knight

    Well clutch the pearls! Johnny I cant understand it for the life of me either!


    Johnny Gill: Why Does Everyone Think I’m Suspect????

    Ummmm….okay…stop me if I am wrong, but, could have anything to do with two grown ass men living togther and only one of them (Eddie) having the financial means to support the two? Combined with Eddie’s gaggle of babies, they are the new nuclear family.

  • Lili

    LMAO…Damn shame.

    He looks about as masculine as Norwood.

  • Curly Fries [Barack the vote in '08!]

    I bet that nicca has NO sphincter muscle!

  • NotoriousOne

    Okay, so how many times has JGill sang that song to Eddie? “My, my, my!!” That’s just NASTY!!

  • Lovely One

    Poor baby. What if he’s not gay???

  • chir

    Everyone thinks you’re gay Johnny is because yo ass walk around with a nut removal rag on you at all times

  • nique

    @ Misty Knight

    Well clutch the pearls!

    If that’s not a blast from the past. You’re dating yourself, watch out.

  • Misty Knight


    @nique Im only 22..but my godfather use to say that he was very much the “southern bell”

  • R.I.P. Omar Little

    hes not gay, his boyfriend is…..

  • Nic

    johnny, button up your shirt!

    don’t worry: one day, ed will claim you!

    what can you do about bob? ya’ll new edition need to get back together for real. i know it’s hard being on the road living with bob, though… right?

  • ATLlady

    Well from my understanding.. Johnny made a song with a NEWLY NOT out of the Closet Top Producer From Atlanta years ago.. Im sure they were bumping COCKs..hmmm I wonder if Johnny was the top or the bottom.. well since the producer is SOOOO BIG & FAT (but a wonderul producer) -oh boi- Im sure he was the bottom!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Dammit, why am I still at work? Anyhoo, I don’t know whether he’s Eddie’s man or not, but I will say that some elements of his story are extremely believable and also confirms what folks were saying about Eddie’s relationship w/his mother.

    I don’t understand how a grown ass man w/8 kids allows his mama to get all up in his business. It was the same thing that Scary spice had to deal with…and when mama says to get rid of ’em…he does it. Now maybe she can convince him to go and finally see his child.

  • kigali

    @RIP Omar Little

    I am not in the US so I cant watch The Wire but is Omar dead? I go on the HBO site all the time and it doesnt seem like he is. The abscence of him and Bunk would make me stop watching the show.

  • kigali

    I hate to admit this but I saw an interview with him long ago and he come off as a queen. I am the last person who would believe that because you “look gay, whatever that means, that you are. There are however somethings a brother can do that will make you think otherwise.


    Johnny is trying to protect his rich boyfriend’s image. Johhny boy looks like he is ready to bend over for eddie with those hands on his hips. Nasty boys!

  • Anon08

    @ Kigali

    I think I know the interview you’re speaking of, because I thought the same thing too. However, this man is mad-talented and why we’re not listening to something new from JG right now, is beyond me. I stan for this man forever.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    O.k. if Johnny is not “gay” and doesn’t want people to think that he and Eddie or anything other then freinds…. why doesn’t he ever have or show his girlfriend? And why is he defending Eddie’s behavior so hard like his “male companion” instead of homeboy/brother— there is a recognizable difference in one’s behavior that alerts ones “gaydar”. And this what everyone sees that Johnny doesn’t quite get.

    Silly silly Johnny…. blinded by love.

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