Quote of the Day: Vanessa Williams for Botox

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Vanessa Williams recently reveals her tricks for staying “youthful”:

“Oh, I certainly do Botox. I definitely think that almost every woman that I know has imbibed. It’s a miracle drug -—no cutting, nothing — and I love it. I also want to act too, so I don’t do it to freeze my face.”

Well it looks like the Botox is working in her favor, maybe she should’ve offered this non-knifed up advice to Viv a while back before she went on her plastic surgery frenzy.


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  • Candace

    Aint no telling…

    We’ll be surprised at who in hollywood has had procedures done.

  • Grace

    Ladies, look at Vivica’s hair line. That is what lace front wigs will do to you. Those wigs were orginially designed for cancer patients. If you already have hair, don’t glue a wig to your forehead.

    I was at Bonner Brothers hair show 2wks ago in Atlanta and several stylist were preaching that those adhesives are ripping our sistas hairlines right out. There is nothing wrong with a good old fashion sew in.

  • Lady Architect

    yeh the shots are working for her. so now she has revealed that her “youth” is not true. It is do to the shots she takes. Atleast she admits it, but at the same time just cause you don’t get knifed up doesn’t mean your not plastic. She still looks beautiful though.

  • Grace

    ………….but that damn dress Vivica is wearing is fiece. It’s also my favorite summer color.

  • http://myspace.com/akanye3327 mr.ANYE

    she look good…

  • Miss Dee (The Phenomenal Woman)

    Good for you V.Williams. I’m glad you’re not trying to pretend that you’ve maintained your beauty naturally for all these years. Although I’m sure she would still be just as beautiful w/o the Botox. V. Fox… STOP THE MADNESS!!! You were beautiful pre-kniffing… now you look JACKED UP!

  • baby

    hmmmmm…poison? or the knife? hmmmm…

  • Maruice

    I think Vanessa looks beautiful… But I wouldn’t told anyone about the Botox…. I woulda just denied it… But I guess honesty is the best route…?

  • Kimy

    I love Vanessa she has class and I am glad she is open about such issues. Good for her for being honest. I don’t see why people go on and on about Vivica going under the knife, she is not the first person to do it, so what thats her business.

  • Somer

    I am also glad that Vanessa admits to botex. It wasn’t til one of my journalism classes in college that I realize that most of what we see in magazines have been touched up or air brushed. They even slim down thighs on more curvy women. One of my pet peeves is when a celeb has a baby and in 6wks she does not have a stomach. They never admit to lypo. They alway use yoga, pilates, or good genes as an excuse.

  • Mona

    i think vivica happens to look good in this one…better than usual.

  • Dee

    V. Williams is one of the hottest chicks in the game. And I just don’t know what’s wrong with Aunt Viv. She never seems to look right anymore. But she did look good on the latest season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” where her character was dressed down and brought out her natural beauty. And thanks for the info on the lacefronts Grace!

  • DM

    Actually Vanessa looks quite matronly and this is coming from someone in her age group who has no crows feet or wrinkles. People think I’m 32, 33.

    Van and Viv look quite elderly.

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls


  • Akimbo

    Yeah, you see wrinkles because she’s damn near 50 and doesn’t go overboard with the injections.

    I feel weird about her basically endorsing Botox, but I can’t deny the fact that she looks amazing. I guess better the botox than the knife.


    Not a damn thing wrong with cosmetic surgery.The problem comes when you have the budget to do it…but LACK THE SELF CONTROL TO KNOW WHEN NOT TO.Vanessa knows where to draw the line.Vivica does not.Vivica is in “WHITE GIRL WITH SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES” territory.Vanessa is still great arm candy.

  • Grace

    Mrs. Walls, I was like the 200th comment when I spoke on Viv’s hairline days ago. I took advantage of being one of the first so more sistas will read it.

    2nd of all, you are really ignorant. I see several of your petty online fights and you can never disagree with anyone without cursing or acting a fool. You probably never won a school yard brawl or no one ever paid enough attention to you to even go there with you. I bet you are not as brave in your personal life as you are hiding behind your computer.

  • Shootingstar

    Vanessa looks fantastic and personally she has no reason to freeze her whole face up like Nicole Kidman or get extra knifed up like Vivica.

    She is too beautiful, successful in her music and acting careers, and seems to keep her family as her primary focus. Go on , Vanessa!

  • Somer

    Hey, I am on my way out to see Vivica’s new movie. Many people don’t know about it but it’s called “Cover”. It’s an independant movie by director Bill Duke. You can go to Coverthemovie.com for more info. It’s about a woman who find out her husband is leading a double life. I think he’s on the down low but not sure. Look back on this blog to see if I give a thumbs up or down.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Good for Vanessa to admit that she’s engaging in a bit of “help”.Over the years, she has developed extreme crows feet around her eyes that really made her look a lot older than she was…anyhoo, who cares? Botox, plastic surgery, etc. is par for the course w/celebs.

  • Astrid

    Great to know she likes putting botulism in her face.

  • Marcia Brady

    Botox? Ewwww. Like so much for Black don’t crack.

  • dayg715

    Vanessa is still The Ultimate Banger, botox and all.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Vanessa looks great… she should keep it up with the Botox- her and Vivica just NO KNIVES because once she starts cutting she won’t be able to stop… Vivica can tell her about that.

  • Harlem Chic

    Black don’t crack; with the exception of Vanessa Williams . We all know she is black but we all know she light bright and damn near white and that’s why she need botox to lesson the appearance of those crows feet. Now please don’t start a riot because I mention her skin color. It’s a fact that the more melanin you have the less likely you are to need that junk called “botulism for the face.”

    I personally just don’t believe in putting injections in your face to appear looking younger. And I definitely don’t advocate following white folks beauty regimens; cause they will chop themselves up in pieces in the name of looking good.

    I won’t judge Ness; but Hollywood must put a hella lotta pressure on a chic to remain young and tout.

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