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“Kenya is toxic…”—Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams Blasts Kenya Moore

Porsha Williams is once again speaking on that gut kicking catch fade with Cynthia Bailey during the last episode of RHOA.

As previously reported the two ladies have made amends and Cynthia admitted that she overreacted.

Now according to Porsha, she’s sincerely sorry that her tone while using the b-word was misunderstood.


What was going through your head after the confrontation with Cynthia?
Porsha Williams: I was honestly in disbelief. In the past, Cynthia and I have tended to use the b-word in a playful way. Actually, there have been many times that Cynthia has used the b-word as a term of endearment towards me. She even used the b-word with my friend Shameatelling her, “Show them how a real B goes down the slide,” while on the boat! I never thought in a million years that Cynthia would ever think that I was using this term with negative intent or with the intention of being disrespectful towards her. I am truly sorry that my tone was misread.

She also added that she missed three days of work from the altercation and suffered contusions and bruises.

While on the boat, I thought we were playing in a fun, loving way, and I believe Cynthia overacted during the entire situation. I actually missed three days of work from Cynthia’s kicks. I was diagnosed with abdominal contusions and bruises on my arms and legs. Thankfully with a lot, and I mean a lot, of prayer, I got through it and I forgave her. I feel like Cynthia’s circumstances got the best of her, she hit a breaking point, and ended the day with physical violence towards me. However I do believe everyone deserves a second chance and the opportunity to explain their reasoning behind their actions.


Porsha then went in on Kenya Moore for being “toxic” and trying to “manipulate” a situation.

She also made mention of that infamous catch fade between her and Kenya where the starlet used a megaphone and metal scepter to antagonize her.

Hit the flip to see what she said.



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