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Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death To Avoid Being Caught By His Wife

A Brooklyn man was so shook about the possibility of his wife catching him with his girlfriend that he decided to kill her to hide the affair. Apparently, the woman was spending time at his home while his wife was out of town, but refused to leave when she was on her way home…

Via NYPost:

A Brooklyn man was so scared that his wife would catch him with his girlfriend that he stabbed his secret lover to death when she wouldn’t leave his home, police sources said Sunday.

Daniel Romain, 33, violently fought with girlfriend Tisa Kelly, 46, to leave his apartment on East 95th Street before his wife came home Saturday afternoon, the sources said.

An upstairs neighbor said she could hear “loud banging” as if someone was being “thrown against walls” before police arrived. There was a short period of silence before a radio was turned up to full blast in an effort to mute the renewed fight, said the neighbor, Quinetta Wooten, 29.

Police arrived an hour later and found Kelly’s naked body hog-tied and face-down in Romain’s shower with stab wounds to her neck, torso and back, sources said.

Two knives and a pair of scissors were soaking in the sink in what smelled like bleach, police sources said.

What sense does killing the girlfriend before his wife gets home even make? Did he think his wife would have fewer questions about a dead naked woman inside their home than a living one??



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