When Will These Fools Learn?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

J. Holiday aka Nahum Grymes was arrested in Maryland on Thursday night for possession of marijuana after being pulled over for speeding. He had just finished performing at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore:

“There was visual observation of marijuana on his person, on his front shirt, and that coupled with the odor of marijuana, Mr. Grymes was arrested for that. A search of the vehicle yielded a nominal amount of marijuana in the center console. J. Holiday and one other occupant, George Jackson, face drug possession charges.

It’s one thing to be ridin’ dity, but what dumbass has weed on the front of his shirt? SMH.


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  • Candace

    Lol…I think it’s funny that these artists keep getting caught “ridin dirty”…I remember a post of J. Holiday that was on MediaTakeOut a while back. It was a pic of his yellow teeth. I wonder if he’s gotten them handled…CREST WHITE STRIPS** they work! I know that was irrelavant.

  • keysha

    foolishness…it’s been good j. hope nobody puts you to bed if you get locked up!

  • GiGi

    It’s become a staple now……

  • Miss Dee (The Phenomenal Woman)


  • http://www.lovingmeans@aol.com 1TruDiva STILL can't get her gravie up!

    My people, my people.




    You’re exactly right!

  • Steffie

    I from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the police in Somerset County are very racist. So I’m not surprised that he was pulled over. He may have been stupid for smoking and having marijuana in the car, but he was most likely targeted as well. It’s very interesting to me that a historical black university is in that small town of Princess Anne, but in the 1940’s two black men were taken by a mob of angry whites for a crime they didn’t commit and were hung and burnt.

  • Ashley

    This fool always did have a slight dumb look to him… not a suprise he got booked. Lawd…

  • Lucy

    He looks like the illigitimate son of jim jones and juelz santana

  • Chantell


  • NY2CaliLvn

    U Big Dummy add anotha smudge to us minority’s & Hip Hop

  • i love...'Snickers'

    “but what dumbass has weed on the front of his shirt?”


    …so what yall trynna say?? yall don’t drive and roll blunts at the same time??…damn…I thought EVERYBODY did that…!?!?!?!



  • i love...'Snickers'

    WeSS…are you in here????

  • jojo

    Why can’t cats just stay home and get HIGH? DUMBASS

  • i love...'Snickers'

    ^^that’s not exciting enough! gotta go for the gusto……smoke weed in traffic!!!!!!

  • Harlem Chic

    J. Holiday look fifteen percent retarded. Definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • Lady Architect

    smh. stupidity is what I have to say. I don’t understand why some people can’t just let it. If he was in a racist area why give youself more reason to be locked up. What a fool.

  • I'm Just Me

    Who cares??? J Hoilday is going to be a two hit wonder….mark my words…

  • Faith

    He’s just a plain idiot. Being from the DC you would think he would know better.

  • http://www.myspace.com/miz_bella_knowz Miz Bella

    smmfh…wat kinda DUMBAZZ SPEEDZ & thennnnnn got weed all ova his shirt…time to put this mofo to bed bed beddddddddd…



    he was performing at my school… lolol and was so short… but anyways… my friend video taped his performance… and i might get him to put it on youtube….

    lolol the one time my school an HBCU gets in the news.. and involved around drugs…

  • CaliChick

    as i sit here chokin’ on my cush…..

    all i can say is duh, duh, du-ugh!


  • and another one..

    He looking suspect as hell here, ay J. how u and your cellhomo doin????

  • http://www.myspace.com/understandingone Understanding

    Negroes and weed. [understanding shakes head in disgust]. Damn man … “Just Say No“.

  • queenbee

    J. Holiday is too damn ugly.

  • queenie

    Ummm…yeah. And I thank ya!

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