Jesus Take The Wheel: NYC Priest Steals $1 Million From Churches To Spend On Beefy-Bodybuilder Boyfriend

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NYC Priest Steals $1 Million From Churches To Spend On Boyfriend

A new lawsuit accuses a Bronx priest of stealing more than $1 million from a pair of city churches then then spending the cash on a romance with his beefy boyfriend according to NY Daily News

The Rev. Peter Miqueli reportedly paid $1,000 per rough sex session with his hunky lover, who demanded the priest address him as “Master” — and drink his urine, the lawsuit said.

The sex-slave priest and his boy toy have shared a house in Brick, N.J., after Miqueli paid $264,000 cash six years ago, according to the suit.

Alleged boyfriend Keith Crist, named as a co-defendant, had nothing to say about the salacious claims.

Miqueli, 53, was also accused of stealing money donated to fix a church pipe organ, siphoning funds from a parish thrift shop and getting high on drugs provided by a Bronx parishioner.

“This lawsuit seeks to finally put an end to this truly sinful conduct,” the 36-page court filing said. In addition to the alleged sexual shenanigans, Miqueli purportedly used his ill-gotten cash for vacations in Italy and Florida.

Crist’s on-and-off girlfriend — who says former bodybuilder and escort Crist injured his knees in a bathtub sex romp with the priest — alerted church officials this year to the couple’s unholy rolls in the hay.

Jesus take the wheel!!!

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