SMH: Donald Trump Says He Plans To Win 100% Of The Black Vote To Prove He’s Not A Billionaire Bigot

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Donald Trump Says He Plans To Win 100% Of The Black Vote

Does Donald Trump have your vote?

The bigoted billionaire says he plans to win 100% of the Black vote to prove he’s not a racist according to Yahoo Politics:

People in Trump’s orbit stress that all final decisions come from the man himself. But Michael Cohen, a longtime member of Trump’s inner circle, is helping to lead the unusual outreach effort. Cohen, who is Trump’s lawyer and an executive vice president at the Trump Organization, is a rather unlikely fit for the role of campaign minority outreach consultant. Cohen has no official role on Trump’s campaign and isn’t being paid by it, which has led to questions about whether he’s legally permitted to do political work on behalf of his boss. He’s also a self-described registered Democrat with Long Island roots. Still, Cohen says he’s working to “coordinate” Trump’s work to woo the black community.

When asked how much of the African-American vote the campaign wants to win, Cohen had a perfectly Trumpian answer: All of it. “Our goal is 100 percent,” Cohen said before modifying himself. “Or to flip what has historically been the Democrats’ 93 percent. That’s Mr. Trump’s goal.”

According to Cohen, Trump needs to win black voters because other minority groups won’t support him: “The truth, yeah, I’m trying to coordinate it because I am mindful of the fact that, you know, there are coalitions and I’m talking about now like Hispanic coalitions that … will not support Trump,” Cohen explained. “And that’s OK because the ones that don’t like Trump aren’t even here legally and they can’t vote, so it doesn’t really matter, right? And I understand their point of view. They’re — they do not want to be asked to leave right? And go back where? Go back to their homes? You know they don’t want to. So I understand.”

After ruling out Latinos, Cohen said the campaign turned to the African-American community because Trump needs to go beyond his base. “You can’t win a general election if your mindset is on the Southern white Christian coalition. You need them, but you need the minority communities as well,” Cohen said.

Indeed, an advantage with minority voters has been a key element of the Democratic Party’s victories in the past two presidential elections. But Cohen said the Trump campaign has been developing a strategy to combat that demographic edge. Cohen cited Trump’s “four-step plan” for how he would “help the African-American community,” which the candidate presented at his meeting with the pastors.


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