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Tatyana Ali was photographed walking down the streets of Hollyweird. Quick, someone list five roles Tatyana has portrayed since she was Ashley Banks on the Fresh Prince? She’s still adorable nonetheless, nice and wholesome…not letting that Hollyweird game “taint” her.

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  • Candace

    It’s hard for some actors/actresses to get past the sitcom slump…I hope she gets some better acting roles and don’t try to go back to singing.

  • C. Baptiste Williams

    she has a 3 line reoccuring role on Young and the Restless now playing Little Richie from Family Matter’s girlfriend.

    she was on the show for at least 3 times before they even gave her a name.



  • Dolla Bill

    She’s still cute…I’ve seen her on Y&R a couple times myself. Hopefully the good folks over there will offer Tatyana a contract.

  • Miss Dee (The Phenomenal Woman)

    Beautiful girl… so-so actress. I’m with Candace… NO MO SINGING!!!!!!!

  • N3w0rl3@ns

    “back up! back up! mind ya bidness, just MIND YA BIDNESS!”

  • Maruice

    I think she’s beautiful. Love her skin color. Gorgeous girl. Un tainted.

  • Silk Hickey

    Damn. . .she’s still fine. I’d eat!

  • Grace

    I don’t care if she hasn’t worked that much. I am just glad that she is not on drugs and acting a damn fool like so many other child stars. I don’t want to see her in XXL magazine like Keisha Knight Pullem. She put out an CD right after Fresh Prince went off the air so I don’t know what happened to her singing career.

  • Mona

    don’t know about the heair or the outfit..but it doesn’t look like she was expecting the cameras…just a casual day nothing wrong with that…but she’s still a pretty girl.. when I was a kid she’s the one every girl wanted to look like and every boy had a crush on.

  • Jessica

    She was in that Beauty Salon Movie. Did you ever see that movie on the Black Stars Movie Channel about a Salon and Bobby Brown was her Abusive boyfriend?? LOL! Look it up

  • DM

    She was also Morris Chestnut’s little sis in “The Brothers”.

  • Mila


    Ashley Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  • Stirring shyt up

    She doesn’t like black men, for real, she complained about black guys some time ago. Also when did you last see her with a black guy ?…(puts on armor and awaits the battle that is sure to come)

  • gapeach

    ashley banks was her name on the sitcom fresh prince

  • Doc

    america sweatheart!

  • memchee

    good for her….I’m sure we’ll see her onscreen again.

  • I'm Just Me

    I know she was on that Fox’s next director show last year. What happened to her singing career?? She had a cute voice.

  • Smokie

    THAT girl is a pothead. Everything about her screams blunts.

  • http://none Cholee

    People. Tatiana’s got a Harvard degree. At least she got an education.

  • Reece

    Don’t blast Tatayana. She has been very active in the Obama campaign as have I. I applaud that because she could be doing something else.

  • Cdot

    She got a degree from Harvard.

  • embizzy

    She got yall fooled. innocent my ass 😉

  • NotoriousOne

    Tatayana is living decent on those syndication checks from Fresh Princ of Bel Air. I’m surprise Will hasn’t hooked her up in some of his films though. They looked like they got along after the cameras stopped rollin’…oh well.

  • Jack Tripper

    She was in a Lifetime Movie where she dated a white dude that tried to frame her for murder

    Oh yeah wasn’t she in the Barack Obama YES WE CAN video..?

    And as the others said the Brothers so that is THREE

    Do I win something??

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