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Naomi Johnson Beating Video

An Alaska teen is making national headlines after her brutal beating by “friends” went viral.

Naomi Johnson of Anchorage was kicked, punched and brutalized by three girls after she says they lured her to a house for a “sleepover.”

After Naomi got there however she was jumped by the teens who recorded the attack and spread it on social media.

KTVA reports:

The father of an Anchorage teenager who was filmed being beaten by a group of fellow teens has filed a lawsuit against the homeowner where the attack allegedly occurred, seeking more than $100,000, according to court documents.

The video, which was recorded July 26, 2015, shows a group of girls — ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old — kicking, punching and pulling the hair of Naomi Johnson, who was 14 years old at the time of the incident.

“She walked halfway there, and they picked her up,” said her father, Wayne Johnson. “She walked into the garage, sat down, and she was texting on the phone, and then somebody… got up on her pool table and started filming. And then a few seconds later they attacked her, so it was premeditated.”

Johnson said the attack appears to have been orchestrated by a girl Naomi was friends with for three years.

Anchorage police have reportedly wrapped up their investigation into the incident. A final report will be sent to the Division of Criminal Justice, who said Monday it has not yet received anything from police.

While no charges have been filed against the teens involved — none of whom have been named due to their ages — Naomi’s father has filed a lawsuit against Deanna Kirgis, the owner of the home where the beating allegedly occurred and mother to one of the girls involved, according to court documents. (Read full lawsuit below.)

In the lawsuit, Johnson alleged Kirgis “negligently and/or recklessly” allowed the beating to happen by not properly supervising. He further charges Kirgis allowed the teens to drink at her home and failed to rescue or assist Naomi when the others were hitting her.

Naomi has since left her old school because of the incident and threats from some of those involved, according to her parents.

So sad.

Why are these teens not facing charges??? And why do YOU think Naomi was attacked???



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