Don’t Be Scared Episode 38: BOSSIP VS Nicki Minaj

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s what happened when Nicki Minaj cursed us out…

Don’t Be Scared Episode 38

On today’s episode of the “Don’t Be Scared” podcast, David, Danni and Jah sit back and recap the moment Nicki Minaj clapped back at BOSSIP during a Twitter chat about female rappers.

After feeling singled out by a BOSSIP fan who said her baaaawdy played a role in her success, Nicki accused us of “retweeting ignorance” and went on a rant.

Now Managing Editor Janee Bolden is stepping in to set the record straight.

Do we really think Nicki’s success is only because of her assets?

Is her top spot as one of the “greats” debatable???

Listen above!


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