Two-Strand Twists And Thin Locs Now Approved In The Marine Corps

- By Bossip Staff

The Marine Corps has finally gotten around to revising those controversial hair regulations that banned women serving the country from wearing natural hairstyles like braids, locs, afros and “matted and unkempt” hair. In a Marine Corps administrative message released Monday, two new hairstyles were approved for Black female marines: two-strand twists and thin locs. According to the memo, the decision was made by the Marine Corps Uniform Board in October, based on a request from Marine Staff Sgt. Cherie Wright of II Marine Expeditionary Force, who said in a statement: “For some, this change is culturally liberating, has financial benefits and is simply convenient.” As pointed out by, the newly approved hairstyles “come with extensive restrictions to ensure they appear neat in uniform.”…

I Think People Are Missing The Point Of The “Natural Hair Movement”

… If you go natural, you’re usually not the only woman in a room or train car who is… Nowadays, you don’t have to go it alone. But with every movement, some find a way to try and create division. Some people decide that we need to dictate the rules of what it truly means to be natural. Of what it means about your self-esteem if you’re still one of the few women getting consistent relaxers. Some complain about the lack of representation of different hair types on TV and in ads. And simple systems meant to help you find the right products for your hair type become something like teams, where some say the struggle of 3B hair is nowhere near as real as that of a woman with 4C hair. And that’s where the meme you see above comes in…

Tom Ford’s Drake Lipstick Sells Out In Minutes

The combination of a Drake and a Tom Ford lipstick line may have initially been punching bag fodder for the rapper’s already metrosexual image but as of today, December 15, all parties involved are laughing all the way to the bank. Marie Claire is reporting that the kissy makeup accessory sold out on in a matter of minutes of going on sale. The purpose of the line is to mimic the color of a male’s lips for females to wear in adoration. The burgundy shade of Tom Ford Beauty Lips and Boys Lip Color, Drake is retailed at just $35.00 and is still available in store at Saks Fifth Avenue, but consumers who want that “Hotline Bling” under the mistletoe had better get moving.

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